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    I finally managed to get a loose AF Trade Federation Tank. I couldn't seem to ever get one and finally managed to get one in a loose lot of AFs. I figured it would turn out to be the electronic version since that's what I'd expect to happen but it was the regular version and it's awesome. The only problem is that it didn't come with the Battle Droid. If anyone has the Battle Droid from he TF Tank and doesn't want it LMK. I have other AF figures I can trade including I believe a couple extra Battle Droids from the Gian Speeder/Theed playset and lots of others.

    It also didn't come with a stand. I'm not sure what stand it came with but I'd guess it should have a short stand like the MTT. If someone could confirm that for me it would be great.


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    man.....I know how you feel about the tank. I've been looking for one for a long time also. Congrats on finding yours. But I really don't have any idea about the stand, I've never seen a picture of the tank on a stand so I'm not much help. Sorry
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    Hi S43, I've just checked the one from my collection and there is a stand in the box (and you're right : it looks like the MTT stand, short arm). The Battle dro´d has a Blaster riffle in the right hand.

    I didn't received your mail yet (concerning the DF lot). Please LMK.
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    s43: just makin sure you saw this
    btw there are a coupla xtra af batdroid figs on this end but i'm pretty sure they aren't from the tank; lmk if might be interested anyway


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