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    What do you think of Shirtless Maul?

    I finally saw Shirtless Darth Maul at EB today. He looks very cool but...well personally I thought it looked better in the pictures. I'm still glad we have him and I hope this is the last of Maul figures for a while.

    What do you guys think?
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    The word "crizappy" comes to my mind. I picked this figure up less than 12 hours ago even though I was totally not gonna, and I regret it. The paint on the tattoos isn't even, some places it's lighter, some it's thicker, and the arms pop apart in 4 places! Not only that, but supposing you DON'T pop the arms apart, the danged tattoos are so complicated that moving the articulation around makes the tats become unaligned and goofy looking. Not only all of this, but the giant thick plastic "skirt" keeps the legs from moving nearly at all, and they're only articulated at the hip. Add to all that the fact that this figure is sculpted in an odd pose so that there are very few ways to pose this guy, and the droid is a hollow, boring dud, and you have a very disappointing piece of junk IMO, a waste of $10.
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    Re: What do you think of Shirtless Maul?

    Originally posted by Jayspawn
    ...I hope this is the last of Maul figures for a while.

    I guess you haven't seen the hot list of new figures for 2001! We haven't seen the last of Darth Maul it seems. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hasbro drop Mauly into the next Fan's Choice poll!

    Anyway, I have yet to find any of the Deluxe, though Maul is last on my list. I am planning to buy at least two of each, one to open, one to keep on the card. EXCEPT for Maul. I will buy one to keep on the card and that is all. I really have no use for EU or EU related figures in my personal collection. The only reason I am buying one at all is to have a complete set for the carded collection. I can't wait to have Amanaman at last! The new Luke and Leia are great too, especially the Luke. I've waited almost 20 years for a Bacta Tank playset! Now the long wait for FX-7!
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    I guess the shirtless Maul is OK. They should have put in nipple rings so he would look better for club-hopping.
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    I really do want More Expanded Universe characters - from the comics and the books.

    Darth Maul was not really who I had in mind.

    Important characters who have never been made before would be a lot more appreciated.

    Incidently, on the main Star Wars site, check out these biographical profiles of Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo, not to mention Mara Jade-Skywalker (also covering Ben Skywalker - you didn't know Luke had a son, did you?), Kyle Katarn, Kyp Durron, and Corran Horn.

    Official Lucasfilm Biographies for Skywalker / Solo families, and Selected new Jedi

    But while we're talking about Darth Maul, I read his comic, and his novel. I seem to recall a Jedi padawan Darsh Assant, her master Anoon Bondarra (a Twi'lek Jedi), Lorn Pavon - a scoundrel, his assassin droid I-Five, a Nightsister Mighella, and Black Sun's Mastermind Lex, a never-realized Jedi.

    These characters are wonderful, though petty next to the importance of say, Jaina Solo, but all more what "Expanded Universe fans" need more than another Darth Maul (or at least one without any series companions in the line for him to fight).

    How about a Yuuzhan Vong Warrior? It'd be about time!

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    Ben Skywalker? What's next Qui-Gonn Skywalker? Yoda Skywalker? Geez, can't the EU writers show a little imagination?
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    Arrow What do I have to say about shirtless Maul?

    He has nice pecs. He must work out.
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    What do I think about the Shirtless Maul...?

    ...uhhhh- it's better than a pantless Wuher?

    I haven't seen it yet, but gauging from the pictures, I am not too impressed. Besides- I've said it once and I'll say it ten thousand times... I HATE stilted action poses that limit overall poseability and playability!
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    Best Maul Ever!

    I like mine. I like the split-apart sabre, the dynamic poses, and the training droid is pretty cool, too. This is easily my favorite Maul.

    Great face sculpt, better-than-standard articulation, and his flaired skirt makes him look more like an "action" figure than a "Beer me, please" Cantina figure. Vastly superior to other Mauls. Certainly different from the first Deluxe Maul.

    I'd recommend getting one.

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    Just another DM, with new stuff...shirtless...with training droid...Only for myself...ha!!

    The thing is that we would all like to see members of the council...or a few more ewoks instead of Shirtless Maul's and...oh well u get the idea.
    As always...........L


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