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    Talking 2003!!! IS bringing more than we thought!!!

    let me put it this way--------- AT-AT !!!! yes yes yes! I'm not sure is we're allowed to put other sites but it's official- set number #4483 AT-TE- check big lego websites on monday for pics and 2 more other sets are coming, like a technic hailfire droid- ( I have no iadea why it would be technic. I am not %100 sure though


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    The AT-TE has been announced for quite sometime now. It really looks like a banner year for Lego in 2003 as they've refocused on the Collectors. Can't wait to get my hands on the new products hopefully before the holiday season!
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    IT was an extreme wishap,

    What I really meant was set #4483 is an AT-AT, not an AT-TE- The Big walker from empire strikes back, that one, so sry to every one- THE AT-AT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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    Lego will show pics of the new AT-AT, Monday! Along with two other sets, THAT"S AWESOME!!!

    Neonblade, where did you get this info??? Can you give us a link? I'm not doubting you. I just want to see this news. You know:

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    Jeez. Why is it the only way to get Clone Troopers is in the really big sets?

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    I hope this AT-AT we're talking about isn't one of those mini sets. has a photo of a mini AT-AT, for release in 2003. Something like 96 pieces and going to be priced at $6.99.
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    well The at-at is not the mini one, and it is tuesday and i have not seen any pics of neither the large at-at or the mini scale one. If any one has the link to the mini scale at-at or the large one please post it here. I found my info out at which i hope i'm allowed to say, just check under TOP STORIES in a black box to the top left corner."Okay guys, now we have #4483 AT-AT 2003!!!" Is the title of the post
    so check it out and let me know what you think
    o and i almost forgot, we shouldn't be dissapointed with it, because it will probably be priced around $120-$130 which would make it the most expensive mini fig set in the sw line
    happy huntings

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    4483 would DEFINITELY be the Mini AT-AT, the set number corresponds perfectly since the first 4 Mini sets are set# 4484 (X-wing & Vader's TIE), 4485 (podracers), 4486 (Snowspeeder & AT-ST), and 4487 (Jedi Starfighter & Slave I).

    BTW, I finally figured out that the 2 pods on the TIE Bomber will be painted Lego astromech bodies.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    BTW, I finally figured out that the 2 pods on the TIE Bomber will be painted Lego astromech bodies.
    Yeah they're being used quite a bit more now like for Anakin's Hotrod's engines and engine pieces on an Alpha Team set plus I'm sure many other sets. One thing that has me curious is are the pieces gonna be squeezed tight enough by the other pieces so that they won't go turning around on the technic bar. 'Course they put these magnet holder pieces on the wings that have the tabs on the sides of the pieces and I thought they were unneeded, maybe they're supposed to stablize the pods?
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    Talking Re: 2003!!! IS bringing more then we thought!!!

    When I first saw this post and the original post from where these news came from I was thrilled and curious about the AT-AT and the Hailfire Droid and I believed what the guy was telling us as nothing’s impossible but I’m amazed that no one tried to hang that guy at all.

    Since the AT-AT is another one of the most requested sets by Star Wars LEGO fans it was bound to happen that The LEGO Group would release it sometime soon but there are however some very important questions that comes into mind when thinking about this future release.

    The AT-AT is quite a large vehicle and in order to do justice to the design and have a product that’s attractive enough to both young builders and adult collectors and to boost sales figures it’d have to be quite large and detailed and that would mean quite an expensive set in the line.

    When it comes to “System” scale I truly find it hard to believe that The LEGO Group can and would release a System AT-AT set in the $100.00 to $130.00 price range along with the 7190 Millennium Falcon as a stable and playable set most definitely would cost more then that.

    I might be wrong about that but I’m possitive that a System scale AT-AT set will be the most expensive set released in that line as it’d have to be stable and playable enough and that’s only achived with a larger construction in what I think would be a $150.00 to 200.00 price range.

    And that’s what the original post hinted at as it mentioned a set that seemed to be quite large and that were in the $120.00 to $200.00 price range and I got the impression that the set were about in the same size as the smaller custom versions we seen here and there on the Internet.

    With smaller I mean smaller then Shaun Sullivan’s awesome “true” System scale AT-AT.

    I rather pay up to $200.00 for a really good System scale AT-AT set then a $100.00 one in the style of the 7127 Imperial AT-ST set that in my opinnion is the most disappointing sets that The LEGO Group has released so far and the mentioning of a $100.00 price tag worries me.

    I quote Mr. Tim Saupé of the “From Bricks to Bothans” website:

    “Ok. The official comment at this time is 'no comment'. So I'll play along with that. Discuss as you wish, as I do not consider this a leak at this time.

    From what I am hearing, this Japanese show showcased quite a few items that they were not supposed to. However, it was a sanctioned event, so...

    However, I will play rumor killer - there is no $200 AT-AT coming, nor is there a $70 TECHNIC Hailfire Droid coming.

    But you may consider yourself an official fool if you don't mark Sunday, February 16th on your calendar. You've been warned.

    End quote.

    Sounds both promising and disappointing but we’ll all see.

    Personally I’d preffer to see the release of a “Sculptures” or “Ultimate Collector Series” set of the All-Terrain Armoured Transport being very much into scale and details being a former model kit builder and collector but hopefully we’ll get both a System and model version.

    JediTricks, the set number also corresponds with the 4475 JABBA’S MESSAGE, 4476 JABBA’S PRIZE, 4477 T-16 SKYHOPPER, 4478 GEONOSIAN FIGHTER, 4479 T.I.E. BOMBER, 4480 JABBA’S PALACE and 4482 AT-TE sets in the System set line.

    And as The LEGO Group said themselves there’s no special logic with their numbers.

    That’s my 2c on this topic.

    Kindest regards,

    Lars ”Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
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