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    New to SW comics

    Hi all.
    I haven't regularly read a comic for a few years and I've been wondering if I should a Star Wars comic a try. The problem is, I don't know where to start.
    I don't know how many SW comics there are, or which ones are good and bad, which ones are for adults and which ones for kids and so on.
    Also, I hate picking up a comic and coming in half way through a story - or to something with loads of cross-references or back history that i'm unaware of.
    Do you think there's a comic to suit me? I'm in the UK but have access to a few specialist shops.

    Also, if anyone's interested, I used to read a fair amount of 2000AD and Judge Dredd.

    I'm not really interested in anything that deals with Han or Leia, or any of the rebel characters from the OT.
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    I don't think there are any "adult" Star Wars comics. All SW comics are appropriate for any age, and certainly no crude or profane stories (unless you count Jabba as a gross character). The only Luke-Leia-Han stories I can think of are the 2 Dark Empire and Empire's End series, or the SW Infinities books. Most of the others deal with Sith/Jedi about 5000 yrs before A New Hope's Battle of Yavin or the Prequel era characters.
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    There's a report on rebelscum saying that Dark Horse comics are going to begin chronicling the clone wars.
    Does anyone know when this starts?
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    I'd start with the Dark Empire books 1st, then sort of pick and choose. The boba fett stories and jaba tails aren't bad either. The droid series is so-so. The x-wing books are great too, some are pretty tough to find in shops these days.

    The star wars tales are pretty good too.

    If you do go down the comics path, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

    I think Dark Empire showed up around early to mid 90's and there's been about a book or 2 books a month since on average.

    I think I've got about 5-6 paper boxes full of star wars comics.

    You can get everything on trade paper back now a days, but that gets pretty expensive very quickly.

    Just do a search on Star wars comics on the darkhorse website.

    Good luck in the search.

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    DH began/begins their chronicle of the Clone Wars in SW #50 (I forget if they change the name to SW: Republic, since they just started SW: Empire- which begins a few weeks before ANH). So, SW 50 is a good place to jump on.

    If you want to check on some good back stories, I'd recommend the X-Wing series. I believe that the individual stories were broken down into trade paperbacks (TPB), which your local comic, or even bookstore, should be able to order for you.

    Another one to check out is the TPB's for the first 2 stories in the above mentioned ongoing SW title. The first one was called Prelude to Rebellion, the second was Outlander. Both feature the only Knight on the Council at that time, Ki-Adi-Mundi.
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