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    Any customisers out there?

    I'm thinking of trying my hand at customisation and creating cards for the figures. I've found some great templates at but i need to try and find reproduction blisters (or something very similar) in the UK.

    Any ideas?
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    I know that the private universe has links to a coupeple of good websites on their news page. I never bother with cards and blisters for my customisations so i don't really delve into that side of websites dedicated to it. Have you tried looking on EBAY? there's usually that sort of thing on there somewhere.
    One method I've seen people use is cleaning off old blisters with some kind of solution and re-using them on repro cards. Depends on whether you want vintage blisters or modern era. And if modern what are you going to do for the inner blister part? each one is tailored to each specific figure right?

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    I haven't bothered with carded customs myself, mainly due to having the same problem of finding bubbles.

    I found some vintage ones a while ago on Ebay, but everyone else and their dog wanted them too, and sold for a stupid high price.

    As E.J. posted, newer figures have inner blisters, how you gonna fit customised figures in those ??
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    Thanks guys, I thought they would be difficult to get hold of, ebay has nothing at the moment. As for the inner blister, the extent of what I have in mind may only go as far as head/limb swaps and repaints so the blister from the donor figure would probably suffice.

    Thanks for your thoughts anyway.
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...


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