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Thread: TRU finds

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    TRU finds

    TRU in Dartmouth Nova Scotia had a lot of new stuff on friday. They had the 12" Mace, 12" Luke & Tauntaun, Arena Playset and Landspeeder. No sign of the X-Wing though. I got the Tauntaun and landspeeder but passed on the Arena and mace.
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    go to a TRU and ask them to do a store transfer for you. be polite and they will get you an x-wing.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    My patience has paid off. While on a work-related excursion to Halifax, I stooped over at the TRU in Dartmouth and got my X-Wing. I also got Treebeard at TRU here in Moncton.
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