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    eFX AOTC Clone Trooper Helmet Sale

    Hi Everyone!

    I am sure most of you have read your eFX newsletter by now and saw that we are having a limited-time sale on our AOTC Clone Trooper Helmet. I wanted to let our international friends know that even though it says the sale is only good for the US, it is good for everyone in every country!

    Our newsletter is also posted in the news section of this forum.


    If you haven't signed up for our newsletter you can do so at

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    This is a great offer. Very tempting...

    *sigh* I'm trying to hold out for the next (hopeful) Studio Scale or helmet. Really want a Jango or Cody.
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    That's a great price. I was lucky enough to do the review on the helmet and really liked it, I was a little sorry to have to send it off. I can't afford it right now tho' unfortunately, I'm trying to help my sister out, her job is evaporating.
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