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    I was thinking about this detail; which droid dropped the ring that the "Look, sir. Droids" trooper held up, R2 or Threepio? Or was it a different droid, and a pure coincidence it was in the same area?

    Feel free to ignore this if you already know the answer...
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    Good point. It seems that the o-ring that either R2 or C3P0 lost wasn't important or they wouldn't have gotten very far in the desert.
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    Could've just been a coincidence or a piece from the escape pod that came off from the crash. From the Jawas finding 3PO not long after they probably went over that area alot and there were probably tiny tidbits around from droids and the Trooper could've just picked one up so that he wouldn't get chewed out for finding nothing.

    Or it came off 3PO, it looked gold colored so it could've come off 3PO, maybe it's why his arm fell off so easily during the Tusken Raider encounter.
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    I always thought it could have been something that fell off of one of R2's projector things.

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    I posted my answer to this here.
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    I'd buy that answer.
    "No one helped me so why should I help you?" - College professor circa 1999

    By choosing not to decide you still have made a choice.

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    Perhaps it's an adapter so a droid can pilot an escape pod and was ejected when they left the pod.
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    Well...I thought it was something that came off of R2D2...since when C3P0 kicks him "Go that'll be malfunctioning within a day you old scrap heap!"
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    I tend to think it came off of R2, but 3PO does have some circular rings on his chest. It could also have been something from some sort of droid maintenance kit. Who knows?

    Has anyone checked the novel?

    I doubt we will ever know for sure.
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    In the book, The "O-ring thing" is "Droid Plating" if that helps any... So it did come from one of the droids....

    P.S. when I went into the "R2-D2 Builders room" at Cel.2 a group of sandtroopers came in and took a picture and recreated the "Look Sir, DROIDS!"scene... And all they had in that room was R2 parts soooo maybe it came from R2..???(i have it on video)
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