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    Looking forward to getting these, just to finish the bridge set. How about a deluxe Boba Fett like Jango. I know most would be rehashed and recolored, but it would look so much better than the first ones (12" and the electronic). Plus it would be nicer for people who can't get ahold of them.

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    Yeah I got a set here at TRU in LA CA lastnight. I don't agree about Zuckuss looking better than the photos online. He lost some paint detail and so did Dengar. I'm most happy with the Officer. Don't get me wrong I love Zucky,but thought he could use some more detail on him. I really can't complain because we got a wave that didn't have anything to do with EP1 or 2.
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    You must admit though, this is the best Dengar ever put into plastic!

    The Kenner one (for the time it was made in) was better than Hasbro's 1997.

    The 12" is the most authentic and the best sculpt they've done for the bionic bounty hunter.

    I think a modern 3 3/4" resculpt (with a backpack) is in order!
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    Oh I totaly agree Tycho, he is the best to date. A new 3.75" is a must
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    I picked up Zuck the other night. He's excellent. Looks a lot better than the advance pics, too. Great sculpt and paint. I love the leather cloak, heh. I was kind of expecting the funny brown shoes he has on the 4" fig, though. I had gotten used to them.

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    I got the wave from TRU yesterday. I had pre-ordered them online.
    I must concur with the popular opinion that Zuckuss looks much better than the prototype pictures!!! I love all three figures, though. It was really a great year for 12"ers -- lots of waves with totatlly new characters instead of rehashes. If we can just get a 12" Plo Koon before the year ends it will be perfect!
    I guess the only thing that bothered me in this wave was that I wish they had made the Imp Officer into a Cpt Piett. Oh well, I'm very happy with all 3 figs.


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