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    Dialogue Changes in Fox's "Ep. I" airing

    Did anyone but me notice the changes to bits of dialogue in the Sunday night airing of "Episode One" on Fox? I mean, I thought this was going to start a new wave of Fan-Boy chatter on the message boards come Monday morning, but until this post, I've seen/heard nothing! Did anyone else notice this?

    The exact dialogue escapes me in most of these cases but I'll point out the changes I remember... (most changes are early in the film; most in dialogue delivered by the Neimoidians and Sidious)

    1. The exchange between Nute, Rune and holo-Sidious on the TF ship bridge when they were discussing the invasion ("Begin landing your troops" - that very line was changed!)

    2. When Nute is escorting the Queen, Sio Bibble and party down the stairs after their capture, some of Nutes lines are changed ("She and I will sign a treaty..." sticking out in my mind).

    3. The balcony scene on Coruscant with Sidious and Maul. Sidious' spiel after "Tatooine is sparsely populated..." and prior to Maul's imfamous line is completely changed.

    4. In Anakin's hovel, at the table, Anakin finishes a sentence saying "...I can fix anything!", to which Qui-Gon replies "I'll bet you can!" then goes on to dialogue that we're familiar with.

    I also kinda remember changes in some of Obi-Wan's dialogue as well as new shots (!) intercut into the sandstorm sequences showing just the desert sands of Tatooine whilst the storm rages, then cutting to Obi and Panaka outside the ship, and another cutaway of the desert before the shot cuts back to the hovel for the afore-mentioned table scene. I know that I've forgotten others, but I'm sure someone else must've noticed them too, or was it just the acid I dropped in college coming back to haunt me? Anyone...?
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    I only caught the end of the broadcast, but I did notice that Anakin's line, while in the N1, "Let's try going left" was cut- his mouth moved, but nothing came out. They kept the "Let's try spinning..." line, though.

    Sorry I missed the other stuff, if indeed it did happen!
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    episode one of what?

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    episode one of what?
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    I only cought part of the broadcast on Sunday an I cought a line change where Panaka is showing Anakin the ships controls.

    In the television broadcast Anakin says "And these can control the pitch." On the VHS and DVD versions he doesn't say the word 'can'.

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    Originally posted by master jedi
    I only cought part of the broadcast on Sunday an I cought a line change where Panaka is showing Anakin the ships controls.
    Panaka showing Anakin the controls? That's an entire scene change there, buddy!
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    I was kind of disappointed that Lucasfilm didn't leave in the reinserted scenes that were on the DVD version (Coruscant Taxi and extended Podrace grid). However, I'm not surprised. I can see them saying "If you didn't shell out for the DVD, we're not going to give you anything new."

    I also noticed that Fox took out the Eopie fart and instead made it do an extended snort to cover it up.
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    Yeah !!

    Yeah... didn't you guys know... this is the <b>Special TV Special Edition of Ep1<b>...with all new dialoge that Lucas felt made the film more complete - look for it on DVD in time for the holidays.
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    Are you sure you were even watching TPM people???
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