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    Angry Still Dissapointed with Republic Gunship

    A while ago, about two months before the Gunship was released and we were first seeing pictures of it, I posted that I was dissapointed in this vehicle and someone made the wiseguy comment that they had never seen someone complain about a toy before it was released.

    Let my complaint now stand validated and that wiseguy comment be retracted.

    I am now in possession of a Republic Gunship, four Clone Trooper Pilots, six Sneak Preview Clone Troopers and two of the red Clone Captains; point being, I can pretty much set up my Gunship any way I like it (I don't lament not having the Deluxe Clone Trooper yet - from what I read the figure sucks and that will make my fifth speeder bike). Even with all the accessories, I still say the Gunship is a dissapointment.

    The biggest problem - the death ray turrets on the sides. I don't care if Lucas DID decide to add them onto the Gunship late and Hasbro had already begun mold production for the toys, there is no reason they couldn't have released the Pilots as stand-alones with no special accessories other than the regular blasters, and then later released death ray turrets with Clone Troopers inside of them, as it should be.

    The molds for those Clone Trooper death ray turret gunners could have been designed so as to be in line with the other Clone Trooper figures but still small enough to fit within death ray turrets that wouldn't have been too large for the vehicle. The two peg sets that are currently being used to support the cheese turrets that come with the Pilots could have been used to support proper death ray turrets, as well. People would have had to have waited a little longer to get them, but I think it would have been well worth the wait.

    Why is this such an issue? Because the turrets we have now SUCK! Putting aside the issue of inappropriately small size, they have hardly any range of movement, you need to man them with Pilots instead of regular Clone Troopers the way it should be, and in order to man them properly the Clone Pilots have to have their legs hanging out the sides of the Gunships, which looks ridiculous.

    I luckily haven't had the troop deployment platform fall out on me, but this strikes me as a very silly feature. The vehicles don't do that, so why add that feature into the toy?

    Same thing with the grappling hooks. It took me like ten minutes to figure out I had to wrap the strings around the hooks to store them and then it took some doing to get the hooks mounted onto the Gunship without the strings unfurling again.

    Finally, the range of movement on the front guns is reprehensible. Remove the stupid "launching missile" feature (THEY AREN'T MISSILE LAUNCHERS!) and put in ball joints so the guns can move properly!

    I swear, sometimes I really wonder who the numbskulls are that Hasbro has working in their design department.

    Well, that's all, had to rant, and where else to do it?

    - Scack

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    Thats quite a rant there Scackmgack. Well.....

    The Republic Gunship is a great toy. It fits the figures well. You should be lucky to have Clone Pilots, I have not seen them yet. I don't think most people have them yet. The Deluxe Clonetrooper is another good toy. The figure is great, the removable armor is cool! Yes, the gun turrets are not exactly like the film, maybe we'll get better ones down the road. But the Gunship is cool enough and works for me. I think most people would agree with me.

    Tell me, do you expect your Republic Gunship to do your laundry and buy your groceries too?
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    Originally posted by Jayspawn
    Tell me, do you expect your Republic Gunship to do your laundry and buy your groceries too?

    And why SHOULDN'T IT?????!!!????

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    I'll agree mostly with Scackmgack's comments.

    There is really no excuse for putting out the clonepilots with the guns we got.

    Sure the change was made late but still.
    Yes, I bought many of the clonepilots (8 to date) but if we don't get the gunner pods, I'll just make them myself and incorporate the "cheesy" ones into the design.

    Use some creativity. True the gunship should have been done better, but the thinking of Hasbro is such that this is a child's toy, (no matter the incessant demands of we collectors who clearly keep the line alive). With this in mind they make action features so the toy has more playability for kids. They are appealing to the kids in hopes that they will (as we did) become long term collectors.

    Who of you remembers the droid factory from (I think) the early 80's?

    Looking back on this the only redeeming quality that I remember and can compare to today is that you could build an R2 droid with the third leg. But it had extreme playability back then. I remember playing for hours making all kinds of funky combinations.

    The third leg you say!

    Yes, for those that are new to this or too young to remember, the third leg was not standard as it is in many of the astro droid being produced nowadays.

    So, that shows that Kenner (who later Hasbro took over, I believe) was interested in placating the kid not the collector and Hasbro ahs continued this "tradition". Don't think that they don't know full well what collectors want. They do. But they also know that there are many of us, myself included, who will still buy everything they put out and just complain later.

    In conclusion, the Gunship IS a cool... TOY and that's how we need to think of these things. Not movie accurate, but still looks like it and has some neat features.

    Okay, enough of my rant.
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    I agree with a couple of points he made. First, the grappling hook on the back is a pretty retarded idea. Its just plain annoying to have and it takes FOREVER to wrap up.

    Second, yes I wish Hasbro did release the turrets as they are seen in the movie, and the ones they did release are kind of half-assed.

    But with that said, I am still very pleased with my Gunship. It is one of the biggest and best vechicles that I own and if I had the money, I would buy 3 more.
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    Re: Still Dissapointed with Republic Gunship

    Originally posted by Scackmgack
    you need to man them with Pilots instead of regular Clone Troopers the way it should be, and in order to man them properly the Clone Pilots have to have their legs hanging out the sides of the Gunships, which looks ridiculous.
    1. No, regular Clones did man them in the movie. Look at pictures of the Clones inside, they have the basic footsoldier helmet and no coloring anywhere.
    2. Then don't put the clone there, yank off the controls and use your imagination (gasp I know) that the clone are inside.

    If you hated the Gunship so much...why did you buy it?
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    that last line was THE question!

    I like mine and I am pretty picky about certain things. I mean, I suppose I COULD have completely hated the Millennium Falcon for having only ONE quad laser cannon, but it was still a cool toy. I got the idea across. Total accuracy is not what TOYS are made for. Accuracy is for hobbyists who are into model building from scratch or from pro-style kits.

    Toys are made for playablilty and for the kid/person to use their imaginations. Maybe we have lost sight as to what these were meant to be?
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    I love the Gunships, though Slave-One is my favorite E2 vehicle.

    Now, the point of why I bothered to post:

    What to do with the Grappling Hook threads!

    1) Do not alter the toy, someday you'll wish it was in its authentic, mint TOY form, so that leaves us with (no scissors, and step 2)

    2) extend both threads out as far as they will go, so that they are even on both sides, and straight.

    3) grab both threads together, parallel and definitely not twisted, and carfully push them in through the holes they come out of the gunship in.

    4) This process will take 10 minutes. Expect that and be patient!

    5) The threads will start to go in easy, once you get the hang of it, but when you get about halfway, to 3/4 done, it will get harder.

    6) Once they are close, make sure they go all the way in! Then, holding one all the way in, pull on a plastic hook just enough to attach it to the ship. Repeat with the other one once the first is in place.

    7) You will have the thread perfectly stored (it is not visible nor accessable through the figure compartment) and none of it will be showing, plus your toy ship will be in mint condition.

    8) Effort reaps reward. IMO, the grappling hooks were not necessary for this toy, but I suppose someone might want to make it carry a vehicle like the AT-TE, only something else (an old Kenner mini-rig???) in the course of play. That actually might look cool in a little embelished diorama. Remember the MLC-3 tank?

    Anyway, if you follow these directions, you'll have no problem with the rope on your gunships.
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    You people need to realize what these toys are made for. If you had the privilege of viewing the toy months before it was released, why didn't you not buy the toy in the first place if you had disliked it from the start? Return it.

    On the other hand, I love my gun ship. It was much better than the $40 I spent on the X-Wing.


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