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    Thumbs up Star Wars Credit Cards.....

    I got this in my email this morning, and didn't know if everyone had seen it. Sweet card images if you ask me.

    I'd like to have the Vader one, hey it's Vader, but with all the cards we have now, my wife would blow a gasket if I got yet another one because it had SW on it...

    Maybe after christmas though.

    Here's the link if you haven't had a chance to see this offer.

    Star Wars Credit Card Offer
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    I just found that in my email also. I am interested to know the the "hard to find" SW items are that the point reimbursement site offers.
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    Hey DahrJin, I'm in the same boat as you. My wife would freak also. I have tooooooo much SW stuff. And now a SW credit card. Not good..... but I still may get one. Have to see what the APR is and if there is a charge every year.
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    Count me in, hopefully. I just use my checkcard, which does both, but i'd want that in wallet just for mere decoration, though i'd never use it! I'll have to find out the details and the fine print first of all, but I want that Yoda one dangit!
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    I thought about getting one... especially since MBNA is a local company, but the APR (12.9%) is 4% higher than on my current Discover and MC credit cards. Very cool... but I had to pass on this one.
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    I may or may notbe speaking for the group but we might as well get a Star Wars credit card, because hey, what kind of products do we seem to use them most for?
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    Just got mine in the mail, though apparently the picture cards aren't available yet (til January), so they sent out one that just says "Star Wars" on it.

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    Re: Received

    Bump !

    I finally applied for this a few months back, selecting Vader . . . so after I got it and before I even activated it, I called to report that I "lost" it so they reissued a new one that I will use if necessary and the other Vader is being saved with my trading card collection.

    My next move will be to call their product change hotline and request Yoda so I can put that one into my collection as well. What can I say - I'm a card collector !

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    Re: Received

    NIce move Caesar.... real slick on your part.
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