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    Bespin Escape Leia

    Is Bespin Escape Leia basically Hoth Leia with diffent shoes, different hair style, and no jacket. Very easy to customize that. I was just wondering about this because if so we are very close to having all the figures to make a carbon freezing chamber set up with 12" figures. The only two that are really missing are The Bespin Guard and Urgnaughts. I would love to see a 12" Urgnaught.
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    you're correct. just remove the vest and find some white shoes and you're set, except for her hoth hair-doo. i wish hasbro would make a bespin gown leia, then we could kit-bash this figure properly.

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    you gotta change her hairdo though as well. She doesn't have it in looped braids on Hoth like she does while "escaping" Bespin
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