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    Anyone else have this problem with the Arena Playset?

    So I came home from work today to my lovely wife Nicole who had a very unexpected surprise for me in the closet. It was the Arena Playset all wrapped up, just as a special gift for me

    ....Anyway I opened it up and put it all together and i'm quite pleased with it, sure it's not JUST like the one in the movie but it's a fun toy. But one problem I did have was with connecting the balcony railing piece. It just wouldn't stay put, it connected very loosley.

    Well since I'm just like to collect my toys to be played with and display I don't care about super mint condition. So I super glued the balcony piece to the wall piece it's supposed to connect to. Now they're simply one piece instead of two, it will still be easy to dissassmble and reassemble. So not too big a deal. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem with their arena playset, or if I just happened to get a retarted one.

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    Yeah, my balcony didn't snap onto the main piece on mine either. It must be a small design defect but it's not a serious one. I have Count Dooku leaning against the railing and it's never given any indication that it's going to fall off.
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    Mine was a little loose but, for some reason as I was snapping the "locking rocks" into place, I heard a snap... Voila! The Balcony locked in. It's not even loose in any regard. I really don't know what happened, but I think my hand was on it and I got the pegs to line up just right... but by accident! :happy:
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    I just opened mine last night and had the same problem.....I was thinking about using rubber cement 'cause it will come off easier if necessary.

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    Same here. The balcony is just a hair too short. Get it perfectly centered and it stays there, but touch it slightly and cause it to move left or right a little, and it falls down. I wrapped the left peg with teflon tape to give it a snug fit in its slot, and it hasn't fallen since.


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