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    Does Anybody Know when tickets go on sale, and how much they will cost?

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    They go on sale when the movie comes out and they'll be the same price as every other movie ticket.

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    Are You Sure, because remember that tickets for Episode I came out a week early, same thing with most anticipated movies

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    didnt Ep1 have pre order tickets in advance?

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    Depending on where you lived, one could have bought Episode I tickets as far as a month in advance. Episode II will probably be the same and as far tickets prices, well around here (Oregon, USA) they go for $8.00 but I'll bet that they go up to $8.50 by the time the film comes out.
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    I think I got my Ep.1 tickets (for opening day) a week in advance. Funny thing is, I never even got to use them. I had other (more important) plans that conflicted with the show time, so I ended up giving them to a co-worker.
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    Originally posted by Dferguson
    didnt Ep1 have pre order tickets in advance?
    Not where I live. I guess it does depend on where you live and what your local theater plans on doing for promotions.

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    This is were you get to hate myself and Cole. Me and Cole get to see the movie 1 month before the release at the Skywalker ranch! One of my clients is A big Pepsi rep. and is treating us boy what A treat if we can't get vacation time we are leaving our jobs ,well maybe not...
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