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    Dear Hasbro, Please: Do Not 'Action-Feature-ize' the upcoming Luke Jedi

    Dear Hasbro,

    With the recent announcement of the upcoming Luke Jedi figure on the way for 2003, I would like to take this opportunity to plead with you to not put any unnecessary action features on this figure. As he is listed in the "Collection 1" assortment, I have a strong suspicion you intend to fit him with the trusty slashing action/kicking action/waste-twisting action, controlled by an obtrusive button/lever/wheel jutting out of the figure's torso. Hasbro, you have shown an incredible talent for producing beautiful sculpts over the years - and this element just keeps getting better and better as time goes on - yet on more than one occasion with offerings in the SAGA line, action features have detracted from otherwise fantastic figures. I know your mantra is that Collection 1 is geared less towards collectors, but unfortunately, Collectors DO enjoy main characters as well. I can all but assure you that this Luke Jedi figure will be an extremely popular figure (due to the character/outfit) amongst both collectors and children - WITHOUT the action features. If ever there was a time you thought of throttling down on the action features for a Collection 1 figure, please let it be Jedi Luke.

    Best Wishes,

    A Concerned Collector

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    Or just make it like the Bespin Luke. That figure is wonderfully detailed, and the button doesn't ruin the sculpt at all. The fact that he's one of the best figures of the Saga line, regardless of his button, says alot.

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    I agree - Luke Bespin is a fantastic figure! I have three of them all in different dioramas. The positive of his AF is that his poseability is really not hindered at all. Having said that... I would have preferred he NOT have a button jutting from his back/belt. To me it does detract from the overall appeal of the figure - removing some of the 'realism'. Also, if I wish to insert him into a vehicle, that buttom will be more than just a phantom menace to my efforts. I actually think Dooku's AF is much less obtrusive that Bespin Luke's.

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    I guess it's to late know since the production has probably already begun on the figure, but I too hope he'll be like luke bespin, since the button doesn't really distract that much from the fig
    of course he could be like chewbacca, have lotsa articulation and come with an accessory that makes him collection 1... although I wouldn't know what accessory he could come with to make him coll. 1
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    Luke Bespin is a fantastic figure but his button ruins him. Unfortunately sideswipe you're too late with your pleas. by the time the figure hits the rumor mill it'll most likely have had the hardcopy sent to the factory for tooling ready for production. he's due out in May aparently so it's possible hasbro could alter any plans and get rid of the gimmicks in time but as he's a force weilding fighting dude he'll no doubt have some crappy gimmick like total control mace or some feature where you squeeze his buttocks to have him execute a lightsaber battle move. These features are really tiresome and quite boring now. How anyone can like a featue that never works is beyond me. They aren't even produced well and and half of them stick in the middle of the action they're supposed to be performing. Buttons out of figures backs is ugly and unneccesary. If they can make it reasonably unobtrusive in han Solo Endor and in Zam Wessell then there's no other reason than laziness and sloppy work for those huge things sticking out of Mace geo rescue and Luke bespin and vader bespin and Anakin tatooine epileptic fit. Just stupid. The money they spent on those features would have been better spent on more articulation. That's what's needed to spice up the figures not gimmicks. Heads that move more than one way, arms with ball joint shoulders and wrists, legs with knees and ankles. a bit more care and love and less of the trends and fads please hasbro okay?

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    Please don't F'em up!! All I want is a nice Luke Jedi figure and I will finally shut up and stop my *****ing and moaning.

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    I won't buy him with any buttons, levers, pullies, wires, or anything else.
    I also don't want him to have an open hand with a magnet in it - I MIGHT be able to live with that but I'm not budging on the button issue.

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    The magnetics are alright as long as they aren't like Obi-Wan Coruscant chase whrere it looks like a serious disease has got control of him and he's breaking out in huge blisters. Just quietly hidden magnets are okay. It's this button activated crap that has to go. Articulate articulate articulate should be tattoed onto the Hasbro peoples faces so every morning before they go to work they see the motto and learn to live by it instead of ******** up good figures with gadgets and gizmos.

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    I fully agree. There is something to be said about a throw back to basic figures. The vintage just seem so cute and simple. I think Hasbro needs to rethink this. My transformers from a kid all got broken because of all the movement and levers. The vintage figures I have are still in great shape.

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    NO NOTHIN!! He'll be fine w/o these damn buttons, and all of these damn magnets, just make him a normal figure. NORMAL, I know hasbro hasnt forgotten that yet....JEDI LUKES GONNA BE AWSOME THOUGH W OR W/O THOSE DAMN FEATURES!!!

    Thanks all!


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