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    Question What TV shows do you watch?

    After reading the "Birds of Prey" thread I was wondering- What TV shows fellow SSG'ers watch. I'm not talking about the "If I have time I catch it", or "If I'm flipping around and see it on" type stuff. Moreover the shows you make it a point to watch, and schedule your time around it. "I make it a point to have dinner finished before it comes on", type of watching.

    The only shows I make it a point to watch are Enterprise, 24, Futurama and the Simpsons, and Survivor. I wish Fox hadn't canceled Titus, I used to watch it and That 70's show and on Fridays Dark Angel.


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    I watch 24. Beyond that I just watch the local news, discovery channel and new dvd releases. Um I also watch both WWE programs every week with my husband. His cousin wrestles on the Smackdown show. I loved Freaky Links but fox took it off the air for some reason. Did any of you all watch it ??
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    Birds of Prey
    The Shield (Well I will when they start on the next season in January)
    The Simpsons
    Drew Carey Show
    Whose Line Is It Anyway
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    The only shows I ever plan on watching are Football, Hockey, Sportcenter, Simpsons, Monty Python (Thursdays on BBC America for those of you who hav Dish Network) and Futurama.

    If I remember, I watch South Park and sometimes see wrestling.

    Most of the time, my TV is tuned in to Sesame Street, Bear in the Big Blue House, and Blues Clues. If you don't understand, get your own 1 year old.

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    Farscape...well, when it was on! Besides that there is nothing that I actually plan to watch. I do watch the Simpsons when I get home everyday, but that is because it is the best thing on at the time that I am eating dinner.
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    I watch alot of TV Programs. I actually perfer a good British sit-com than a movie any day (appart from Star Wars of course ). You can't beat British comedy ! (Friends came close)
    Red Dwarf,
    Bad Girls (no it's NOT a porno like alot of people think, it's a drama set in a woman's prison ),
    V Graham Norton,
    Father Ted,
    Fawlty Towers.

    And many, many more

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    Sunday afternoon, Monday night, Thanksgiving Day, Sunday night, Thursday night, and Saturday NFL games
    The Simpsons
    King of the Hill
    South Park
    The New Detectives
    Crank Yankers
    I'll watch other shows, but those shows I actually make valiant efforts to catch whevever they air.
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    Pendo, you still have Red Dwarf on tv over there? Damn, I'm lucky if I can find Fawlty Towers on PBS during the wee hours of the morning once a month.
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    Hockey night in Canada ( and any televised Leaf game)
    Premier League (scottish)
    That 70's show
    American Justice..........

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    Friends (almost every day, re-runs though)
    That 70's Show

    those are the ones I watch on regular basis, then there are others I sometimes watch like 24, futurama, sex and the city etc.
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