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    It's my birthday and I finally got to open my ephant mon.
    He's bloody huge. Takes up so much of the palace that Pote has to stand outside now.
    The detail is fab though, probably the best figure hasbro has made.
    If only they could do similarly good jobs with more mainstream figures. Still I hold my breath for the luke ROTJ.

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    **** Happy Birthday E_H_2211 ****

    Ephant Mon is a cracking figure, I got mine (2) a while ago.

    I have opened one of them.

    Question.... How the hell do you make him stand up ?? mine keeps falling on his nose.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    Make sure the arms & legs aren't too far forward, and try rotating the tail till you find a pose that balances!

    Happy birthday!
    "Afterlife, aftershave - don't hold with any of it!" - Sir Henry Rawlinson.

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    Wierd. Mine stood up just fine straight out of the box.
    Just propped him on his walking stick.
    Now I've said that when I get home tonight I will probably find him leaning suspicously against one of Jabba's dancers, or more worryingly tessek.

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    Okay, pull his tail so it's facing the opposite way to when packed, then pull his left leg forward slightly so he looks like he's taking a little step. Finally place his cane in his right hand as though he's leaning on it. Should be solid as a rock as long as you get the cane in tight. If he still wobbles just push his left arm slightly backwards to balance him. The way Hasbro moulded him he wants to tip forward and if your shelf isn't level that's just what he'll do. Try my suggestion, mine hasn't tipped over in around three weeks and he only did it then because the dog whipped him with his tail.


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