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    Question Pegwarmer 12" Luke Speederbike

    Now that the B-Wings have been mostly sold out due to the clearance sales, I've seen the 12" Luke Speederbike has replaced them on the pegs (shelves). It doesn't look like these things are moving after all or maybe a lot of collectors are waiting for it to be on sale before buying? I know I am and I like the scout trooper better than Luke on the speederbike anyway.
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    We have about 4 of them on the ground cause there aint enough room on the shelves cause other Star Wars pegwarmers are taking up the space (I call them Groundwarmers ) Then again who wnts to pay !149.95? anyway?
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    Honestly, these things are going to be around targets for a while. No one is going to pay that much. Similar to the Captain Tarpals (although they got discounted and disappeared quite quickly) and the 12" dewback and sandtrooper, I still find dozens of these in TRU everywhere. (mostly because they haven't been discounted)
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    Thumbs up

    They have them around here for 50.00 at Target, but i still passed on it for a couple of reasons :

    1. Still too much money
    2. Biker scout was just that much cooler
    3. Its a big item, running out of room.
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    All you guy do is just ***** and moan!!!

    Come on guys stop your *****ing. Hasbro has been producing great product. The 12" luke and speeder is a dream come true and it has the best 12" head sculpt yet. You guys cry about the cost and its too big, (that crack me up) It was hard to find 12" Scout with speeder at Target, but I did. Thanks to you whiners I was able to find four 12" Lukes with speeder. Of corse I only bought one because it cost soooo much 50 bones is not a lot to ask for such a detailed toy. If you cry about that, try collecting POTF 12 backs. Collecting Star Wars shouldn't be about money, besides I don't think any of us are poor if we are collecting toys. Collecting is a feeling, a feeling of being a child again. If you don't buy they wont produce. It's a simple fact of supply and demand. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THE U.S.A.
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    This was a reply to peg warmer 12" Luke and Speeder

    (moderator's note: I merged this back into the thread you meant it to be a part of - JT)
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    The biggest problem with SWAF collectors nowadays, is we've become spoiled. Hasbro has put out so much great product that all we want is more and we whine and complain that Hasbro hasn't made our favorite figures. Then when Hasbro does make our favorite figures, we whine and complain because they are not perfect.

    Anybody remember the vintage days when one sculpt was all you got? If it sucked (Darth Vader) too bad, you just learn to live with it?
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    I'm sorry, but at the price for these 12" 'things' they should be a damn sight more detailed and better quality than the pieces of crap put out so far. I would never stoop so low as to buy a 12" figure because they look like cheap rip off. The quality of those things is appalingly bad and they most certainly aren't worth the money. And yes for most of us it is about the money. Most collectors are just your ordinary guys who save up so they can afford to get a few pieces here and there if they are available. We aren't all spoilt rich brats with a platinum credit card who can just dial up a store and order the entire inventory if we so choose to.
    Hasbro are putting out better sculpts in the 4" line but the production valiues at factory level have dropped. The paint jobs are poor at best and the plastic used is a cheaper softer variety that only serves to make the figures look cheap and nasty. I realise that part of this is to comply with new toy safety regulations but it still makes them look cheap and nasty.
    The range is extensive but only on a seasonal basis. Once a wave has done the retail shelves it dies. hasbro killl that wave. Artificially boosting demand. hasbro don't control the retail price but by charging retailers so much per case they bump up the eventual cost to consumers. Us.
    Maybe whinging about wanting our favourite characters is a pain to you, but whinging has got some characters made who wouldn't normally have made it. Hasbro do take notice of the loudest voices. They read these forums and others across the net.
    Why the hell shouldn't we voice our dissatisfactions with product anyway? If you went to a restaurant and ordered a meal that arrived cold or overcooked, wouldn't you complain loudly? this is the same thing. If we don't let Hasbro know what we like and don't like they will just kill the line or continue to churn out crappy Darth Maul resculpts for ever.
    Product is very hard to find in certain states of America. In Mexico and in the UK. Not every part of the world has bloody great Wal*mart stores or even toy stores. We aren't all fortunate in the respect of having toy stores close by that we can just 'nip' out to to see what's in stock.
    You're post was very arrogant and aggresive and ill thought out. You managed to find what you wanted and didn't mind parting with your surplus loose change for it. Well bully for you that you can just pop a few notes on the cash registrars hand and not worry about feeding the kids that week. Some of us have clearer realities to live in. Perhaps you should smell a little coffee......

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    Turbowars is right about the negativity in the collecting community. Many times I b*tch myself: another #$#@!! Darth Maul figure is a good reason!

    But as the "sport" of collecting evolved, first came the checklist. Remember baseball cards? You had to have the whole hometown team, etc. So you compared product to batting order. They usually made everyone's starters, and their relief.

    With Star Wars it goes beyond that:

    Sure we have the Max Rebo Band, and (from the SE) several characters are still missing. So we have a check list for the band from Jedi.

    Then we have the Jedi Council, Pod Racers, Cantina Aliens. It gets to be the same thing.

    The internet and the type of collectibles we're into has made a big difference though. Before, with baseball cards, you traded with friends, then at dealer shops etc. until you got the whole team (or whoever's rookie card you were after). I don't think you wrote Topps or Fleer and petitioned them to make your little league team. (uh, my team had a professional photographer do that, and we even did it for varisty, but nevermind.....)

    With Star Wars, especially with the web online, we want that obscure little league team (to use the analogy) and we can set up polls, petitions, and e-mail campaigns to get it.

    Star Wars is about the vast imagination put into creating the vast diversity of characters, aliens, and droids we've seen. We're it run like baseball cards, we'd only have Han, Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and everyone would be trying to get rid of their Plo-Koon (common figures). Not to mention, Han's 1995 'on steroids' and Monkey Leia would be worth a fortune (as rookies).

    But Star Wars collecting is the complete opposite: our checklists are not for product that is finished (unless like me you still are tyring to get an Eopiee), but for die-hard 12 Backers or even these past 6+ year veterans, the checklists are about what HAS NEVER BEEN MADE.

    So from that standing, you can see why I'd b*tch about another Darth Maul figure, when I want a Yuuzhan Vong Warrior (that was never in any movie) to be made.

    You see Ephont Mon USED TO BE on my checklist, but his Largeness won a fan poll, and in less than 12 months I know I'll be able to purchase him. For me (aside from the fact that Hasbro can now do really neat things with this character, and I can't wait to see), but for me, the thrill and drive to continue is to see confirmation of General Reikeen, or the Tonnika Sisters. When they're confirmed (regardless of it being months before they see release, I might go back and concentrate on the Yuuzhan Vong again, as its less than mainstream.

    Going to Target or wherever I get Ephont Mon eventually, has already lost the character's deepest reason for being: to be made despite obscurity, in the first place. That part of the war won, buying him will be just going through the motions for me.

    It's like I said I'd buy Captain Antilles. Make him, and I promise to go down to TRU and acquire him. With the internet, that's the least greatest part of the deal for me: first the excitement: "We're getting FX-7 finally!!!"; 2nd the online sneak peaks - "he's got 19 points of articulation (or something)!"; and finally it's shipping, and one week or the next, I'll have a paid receipt.

    Do you hear anyone screaming about wanting a TIE Bomber anymore? Maybe the frustrated cries of the those who can't find it the first day its released. But now I think we'll hear more about the Sandcrawler, Sailbarge, or especially a shuttle. Once that Tyderium ship is confirmed, the fan community will argue about who the pack-in (s) should be. When it's a boxed deal, they'll move on to the Cloud Car or something, seriously.

    Now "Joe Blow" is a benchwarmer for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is the alternate, for the alternate bat boy. Sadly he does not have a trading card. Who is with me for starting a petition?


    How about Moff Jerjerrod from Return of the Jedi?

    Thought so...

    In conclusion, when people get FX-7, he will either be shiny or not shiny, and somebody will want what they didn't get for the paint job or something. Buying a stupid toy won't (or shouldn't) make or break your whole day. When you rely on it to do so, you're forgetting that for many of you, the realization of this figure's dream was back in June or July or something, when we first got confirmation of this wave (if I'm right about the timing).

    We're lucky to get him, but we've been trained to complain about that droid to this day. When it's Gen. Dadonna we're after, and FX-7 is gathering dust in our displays, the droid will be long forgotten.

    So if the "New Deluxe General Jan Dadonna" doesn't come with a light up tactical display that says 'Death Star Approaching,' I'll try to remember the best news 'was that they're making that at least' (in my dreams right now) so the big thrill was the confirmation. And I'm lucky if the designers and marketing guys at Hasbro shared anything close to my vision for him.

    -And I'll try not to get on the internet and b*tch about it.

    Darth Maul #16 is another thing.

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    Wipe your tears Jargo, We are only collecting toys

    Perhaps you should smell the coffee Jargo! If you are worried about feeding the kids you shouldn't be buying Star Wars Toys. If it was arrogant, so be it, but it is the truth. I'm not saying you should not voice your opnion to Hasbro, but if you wait until the toys are marked down to near pennies Target and other stores aren't going to buy as much product from Hasbro. That spells doom for the Star Wars line and our pocket book. If you WHINE about $50 for 12" luke and speeder,(which is fair) how about $250 at a collector store, how about them apples. Remember when Han and Taun Taun came out. No one could find it at Toys R US. The collector stores where selling them for $150-$225. I know Jargo doesn't want that to happen, He might starve the whole family. Now one-bay I have seen them sells them for 35-50. We really shouldn't get so worked up about this Jargo, thier only toys. By by the way I'm a middle class 26 year old carpenter and do NOT have a platinum card.<
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