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Thread: Star Wars Food

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    Star Wars Food

    Do you ever wonder what kinds of food they eat in Star Wars? I know the Jedi have food capsuls, what are they? What kind of stew does Yoda make? What kind of food is in Luke's survival kit? What is Clone food? What kind of porge was Sebulba eating? What were they going to have for a refreshment on Bespin? What were Qui-Gon, Padme and JarJar eating at the Skywalker house?

    They don't really show food in Star Wars I guess. BUT, I think it was some kind of soup and bread that Padme and Anakin were eating on their way to Naboo. And they were eating some kind of fruit for dinner. I thought Luke was eating some kind of nut role on Dagobah.

    Thoughts? Comments?
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    Wasn't luke eating a breadstick?

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    Originally posted by The Overlord Returns
    Wasn't luke eating a breadstick?
    Dominos or Pizza Hut?
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    Looked stale so........dominos.

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    Leia gave Wicket a foodstick, but that may have been Ewok-poison.

    Seriously though, I bet the core worlds eat lots of prepackaged junk food and the rim worlds eat mostly basic nutrient foot like processed soy stew or something gacky like that.
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    Don't forget about your Jawa's Juice and Blue Milk.
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    I don't think Jawa's Juice would be good. Aren't Jawas disgusting and smelling? I figured Blue Milk would taste the same as milk we drink.

    The thing that was some kind of cookie or cracker that Leia gave Wicket. I thought.
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    That thing Leia was eating on Endor looked like a granola bar.

    Yoda's stew had to be made out of things in the swamp, so that could have been lizard and mushrooms.

    In some of the EU books, it talks about people eating Nerf. Why else would anyone herd them?
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    In the Holiday Special, wasn't Malla making something called Bantha Surprise?
    It has something to do with Bantha loin (or rump if you want), a dash of negavo, a sprig of celentery, a bit of turshum, a whisper of chelchum, a bit of the calarantrum root, and a little tunkell.

    Sounds very nice !

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    If you listen carefully in ESB, you'll know what Yoda was making.....

    "Root leaf......I cook......yes, yes......mmmmmm"
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