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    List the Better Group of 12" AOTC Figures

    I saw it noted in another thread, that some were not totally happy with the AOTC 12".

    I thought I'd list the ones I really like, and see if they are on everybody's list.

    My 12" AOTC favorites are:

    Anakin Skywalker
    Clone Trooper / Capt / Cmdr.
    Ultimate Jango Fett
    Count Dooku
    Ki-Adi Mundi
    Electronic Obi-Wan Kenobi (if electronic figures count - he's fun!!!)

    Jango was probably the best by far, but Dooku, Anakin's, and Ki-Adi Mundi's details were all nice touches.

    The Clone Troopers were exactly what I expected - but there's nothing that says that isn't good, right?
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    That's the same as my list as well except I didn't include the Electronic Obi-Wan (I don't own that one).
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    My favs change all the time, but I guess my list would be this:

    Ki Adi
    Clonetroopers (all 3)
    Electronic Jango
    Electronic Obi-Wan

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    My list would be:


    Yup, that's the only AOTC 12"er I've gotten thus far. I'll probably buy Padme and saber-swingin' Ani, definitely the SBD once it goes on sale and probably electronic Obi-Wan as well. If I ever track down the Ultimate Jango fig for less than $41, I'll buy that too. None of the rest really do much for me though, and not just because I didn't like the movie too much.
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