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    Are you guys enjoying this show?

    It is so good.

    I'm amazed at how they're writing the details of the Hannibal Lechter films into this show: Dr. Childers and Vernon (the guy with the pigs he wanted to watch eat Hannibal in the movie).

    It's Vernan's sister that is the incest rape victim on the same show as the latest murder got stuffed inside a horse's womb so the horse would give birth to the victim who was "pregnant" with a black bird that lived and flew away.

    Then there was "extinct bear predator man" the other night.

    And though I was saddened to lose CSI Jackie, the vivisection on display was magnificent.

    But so was the 1,000 dead bodies in the mill silo.

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    I'm enjoying the show quite a bit myself. I hope they get to realize the full seven seasons they have envisioned before someone decides to cancel it. If everything goes according to plan the first three seasons (as a whole) will be a loose adaption of Red Dragon's prologue for Will/Hannibal filled out with original stories. Season 4 will be a loose adaptation of the Red Dragon novel itself. Season 5 will be a loose adaptation of the Silence of the Lambs novel. Season 6 will be loose adaptation of Hannibal the novel. Finally, season 7 will be an original story for the show to conclude Hannibal's final fate. Only thing that hasn't been mentioned for inclusion is the novel Hannibal Rising (presumably because it is a prequel to Hannibal's origins), though I imagine if we do get to a sixth/seventh season as they hope bits and pieces from that novel will be loosely adapted into Hannibal's back story/motivation.
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    I love all the movies and really enjoyed Hannibal Rising. The TV show takes place after that and I'd guess takes it into account on why Hannibal was psychologically scarred and how he came to North America (Canada first, correct?)

    I actually am not interested in seeing them re-do the movies for television.

    Also, not sure this show needs to go 7 years. There's a lot they can do before Red Dragon takes place. I love how Will is keeping his enemy close now.

    They should not have killed Dr. Childers - I presume he's dead on the show now? He was keeper of the jail in all the films "Frederick Childers."

    I think the other serial killer of the season and Hannibal and Will working together to solve it - is great.

    It reminds me of "If Sherlock Holmes and Watson were Sith, then Sherlock was training Watson to become his dark apprentice."

    Will could be made a murderer (we don't think that's going to happen - or he won't be caught) but I doubt Will becomes a cannibal.
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