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    Kit Fisto found with NEW lightsaber

    Here's a new one gang. I found this Kit fisto in Walmart. I have not heard of lightsaber variations like this before but Kit's metal lightsaber hilt has an attachment peg so that you can stick it on his belt! I have NEVER seen another one like this. In fact, I have yet to see any metal saber with an attachment peg. I looked at all of the Kit's they had and only one had the peg. All featured the same date codes as well. Can anyone shed some light on this rare find? If any of your variant collectors want him send me a PM. He is still sealed on the card.
    See the attached close up pic below.
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    Well, that would be cool, but it looks like a magnet from one of the other figures or just one that was rolling around the factory. Being so small, I'm sure they got all over the place.
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    It's probably the magnet from his hand.
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    If I remember correctly, some of the first wave came with a hole in the belt so their saber could be placed there. Maybe this is what they were suppose to look like.

    Mace, have you opened it yet to see if it is a peg and will actually attach to the belt?

    I can also see why Hasbro went away from this idea. All the Jedi from Ep. II are in action poses and it would look sort of silly to have you lightsaber hanging from your belt.
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    Check back over the first threads relating to the saga figures and JediTricks posted to say that the magnet from Kit's hand came out and fitted into the saber hilt perfectly to allow it to clip onto the belt. This is likely, as stated, the case - that the magnet came out of Kit's hand and got stuck to the saber. Can you see if kit still has a magnet in his hand? If he doesn't then there's your answer.

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    Ahhh, that's why I always look here for the answers! I had never heard that the magnets were removable. My opened Kit Fisto's magnet doesn't appear to come out. However, upon closer inspection of the figure pictured here it just might be that his magnet has come out. I'd sure hate to open him up though!
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    It's the magnet from his hand, it looks identical to the one that came out of my Kit's hand and is in roughly the same place.
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