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    What Actors would you like to see?

    I know Lucas prefers to use unknown actors in Star Wars, but he does use the occasional well known actor such as Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Alec Guinnes. What actors that haven't yet had a role in a Star Wars movie would you like to see in Episode III?

    • Judi Dench
    • Cate Blanchet
    • Viggo Mortensen
    • Ian McKellen
    • Chris Barrie
    • Halle Berry
    • John Rhys-Davies

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    Hmm, only people that need to be in there, I really hope with it being the last film that they put in a load of cameo's for thesake of it, but:

    I could really see Jaquan Phoenix from Gladiator in Star Wars, he's just got that look to him.

    Maybe Ian McKellan, but he's too obvious, so I doubt we'd ever see him in Star Wars.
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    We don't need anymore LOTR actors in the Prequels - Christopher Lee is good enough. Halle Berry??!! PLEEEAASSSEEE.....keep her OUT of anything Star Wars!
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    Cate Blanchet = DEFINITELY! She's great!

    IMO I'd replace Halle Barry with Angela Bassett to play in Star Wars and as Storm in X-Men!

    Angela Bassett ROCKS!
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    Gee, I'd like to see George go back to his old ways and concentrate on the story instead of relying on Movie Stars to help "guarantee" box office numbers like all the movie studios do. I mean, for christsakes, why not drop Brittany Spears in there just to secure the teeny boppers? And F'n Halley Barry...she's the new "flavor of the month" isn't she? Why go through the pretense of pretending that this isn't just an "investment opportunity" and fill out the cast as if it were Cannonball Run?

    Really, Harrison Ford wasn't that well known in 1977. Neither was Mark, or Carrie. Even the "star," Alec Guiness, wasn't an across the board celebrity. So, instead of pummeling us with more "stars" like Liam, Ewan, and Sam, ask him to go back to casting real actors who fit the parts in a real story that tells the tale.

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    I disagree, Alec Guines was a huge actor before Star Wars. It's sad to see that his career has been so diminished by Star Wars that everyone remembers him as Obi-Wan Kenobi. It's no wonder he got frustrated always being associated with the role.

    And lets not forget Peter Cushing, who was also a huge actor before his apperance in Star Wars. Again, its sad that most people remember him as Grand Moff Tarkin, instead of his other notable roles.

    And there is also Phil Brown, who was quite a big star before Star Wars as well. Appearing in many many movies before Star Wars cursed him with only being remembered as Uncle Owen.

    I could name quite a few more, but I think that I have pointed out that even the very first Star Wars film had it's Stars. I don't see any thing wrong with casting stars, as long as they are right for the part.

    Lucas still casts unknown actors for most of the roles. Having a few names in there doesn't hurt the story at all. It's an actor playing a role, which doesn't impact on the story at all. As you can see, it's not like it's a new thing.

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    If you'd asked the average american who Ewan MacGregor was before Star Wars and Moulin Rouge, they'd have looked at you and said "who?"......

    Alec Guiness WAS a star when he signed on for episode 4......he would be comparable to Anthony Hopkins' status today. JEJ had already won oscars before voicing vader. The only MASSIVE star in the prequels is Sam Jackson, and I'm sorry, but when an actor of that calibre openly begs to be in your movie...that's just an added bonus.

    Besides, Are you saying Ewan MacGregor was NOT right for the role of Obi Wan? I couldn't disagree more........

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    Originally posted by The Overlord Returns

    Besides, Are you saying Ewan MacGregor was NOT right for the role of Obi Wan? I couldn't disagree more........
    I agree with your disagree....I don't think there could have been a better "young" obi-wan and you can tell he really studied obi's character from the real OT 'cause he has his accent and mannerisms down perfectly! I think he was an excellent choice plus he knows how to act

    However, I wouldn't want someone like leo dicap, tom cruise or julia roberts in a star wars movie as those blockbuster type superstars (why they are, don't ask me) IMO do not know how to act and can only do very limited types of roles and would ruin the whole star wars story if they appeared in the film. There's a certain type of actore I feel that can only be portrayed in these films well and "blockbuster" superstars aren't it!

    I do think the choices have been pretty darn good though so far for the prequels!

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    I wasn't suggesting that the ANH actors were unknowns, simply that they weren't really "stars." Even Alec Guiness wasn't necessarily huge, as some in Pendo's initial list are. But we all know the story of how GL fought against using any "stars" and that Alec was more or less forced on him by the studio. His attitude at the time was that established actors would detract from the story. That m.o. apparently went out the window when GL essentially turned into a studio mogul concerned more with the return on his investment than with the quality of his work.

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    Well, originally he wanted Toshiro Mifune for the role, to accentuate the samurai inspiration for the Jedi, and also because he is a huge fan of The Seven Samurai et al. However, the studio didn't feel casting a Japanese actor who could barely speak english was a sound idea. I don't remember hearing that Guiness was forced on him in any way.

    Still, only Jackson is a HUGE star, Neeson is well known....but I wouldn't say he is a huge star by any means. The funny thing is, with the exception of Ford, the unknown actors cast in star wars have also been the poorest....

    Mark Hamill
    Carrie Fisher
    Lil ani (can't remember that kids name)
    Hayden Christensen......

    Imagine ep 1 with Haley Joel Osmant, a much bigger star......

    Or Wes bentley ( more established) as Anakin in Clones......


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