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    Talking Tell me what ya think?

    Just testing to see if ya like my saga R5D4. Made one cause I don't think Hasbro will ever give me one.
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    Nice, but you should have posted this in the Customs section.
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    Looks great!! put me down for one!
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    Nice, but you should have posted this in the Customs section.

    Somehow I have never even noticed that section. Learn something everyday.

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    Hey Droidlover, I'm glad you posted here, or I wouldn't have seen your R5. Nice, very nice!
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    What body did you use for the R5?

    When I customed a couple R5s, I just trimmed off the extra plastic and glued him closed. They aren't as nice as yours, but they look better than the original.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    Nice custom! Hasbro should take note.
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    I used R3's body. I wish I could have done a more accurate head, but just wen twith the easy way. This how easy it would be for Hasbro to make any R5, but they could just sculpt a better head. I also a pic of one of my first R5D4s, but he is not dirty. I call him factory fresh R5 as opposed to this one that looks like he has spent the majority of his life neglected on Tatooine.

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    Very nice, Droid Lover. Very nice.

    You did NOT take the easy way, though. I did.
    I simply cut off that ridiculous third leg and suddenly
    he doesn't look half bad, he's like R2-B1.

    Your's is totally awesome. Love the "dirty" paint deco.
    Though I hope (IF) Hasbro ever makes him they go a little
    cleaner. But your Tatooine grim is outstanding.

    I'm glad you posted here as well and it kind's ties into
    the Saga area as this is a figure we all are DYING to see.

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    nice rendering... now move this thread...

    seriously, though... I think that we WILL see one, but yours ROCKS until that day...!
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