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    Hmmm. I'm not sure the "V" would work, because Maul could still swing back and forth like a swingset on a playground. with a "t" tie-up, pulled very tight, his upper body should be held immobilized so it won't twist, but also won't swing into Obi-Wan, or backwards behind his lower body when the air conditioning goes on.

    My hanging ships sway a little bit: Luke's X-wing can turn 90 degrees to the left or right depending upon how high my air or heat may be on. I don't change that because it looks like he's flying and kind of cool. In Darth Maul's case though, it needs to be different and consequently more well-thought-out to hang him just right. It's also a long ways to the ceiling with a lot of fishing wire, while I still have to have Maul's upperbody, only a 12"s lightsaber width apart from his lower body (so he still looks like he's standing there in one piece from a distance). Most of my ships are hung closer to the ceiling since they are flying.

    (and nothing is a cat toy in spite of 2 other opinions you might get from members of my household - so this must go in a carefully thought out location, too. - They leave my ships alone though - but there's nothing remotely close that they can jump up on to get close to them with).

    Meow - Meow. [translation....just wait. We'll figure it out!]
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    The Obi-Maul battle sounds cool, would love to see that! I used to buy all 12' I could find and display them in like groups (not actual dioramas), but the line got too big (literally!) and I no longer have the room (or $$$) to continue. Ended up selling most of my 12' collection..

    Man, I remember paying $100 for the 12" Han & Taun-Taun, what a sucker I was!

    Now, I only get the ones I really "must" have. I've got the 6 bounty hunters, Han w/carbonite block, 14' Vader, Maul w/speeder bike (best 12' Maul IMO), Dooku, Ultimate Jango, and on the other side of the force = Yoda. All are grouped together in my china hutch (which has no china in it ). Bounty Hunters w/Han Carbonite, Sith Lords, and Yoda (he was just too cool to pass up!).

    I would buy a good Fett (like the Marmit one, or Ultimate Jango style), a Yoda w/lightsaber, or any better Vader that came out (heard there's a Marmit one in the works!).

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    Cantina doll house

    It measures 1.20 m x 0.40 m x 0.40 m
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Damn! That's pretty good. I wish I had the patience and skill to do something like that. Great work.

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    That is NICE! I am so envious yet happy for you at the same time!

    You can fit all the characters they make for the cantina in there now:

    Ponda Baba
    a Jawa (or 2)
    1- 6 cantina band members (I only got 1, due to room and hope for other types)

    and depending upon whether they are available for the scene:


    even R2D2 and C-3PO before they get kicked out.

    Maybe a Sandtrooper or 2.

    If your heroes are pre-occupied in other scenes (My Luke, Ben, and electronic C-3PO are dealing with the Tusken Raiders...... my Han Solo is hugging Leia and Luke X-wing in the Rebel Hanger...) I'd pick up the "action feature" re-releases of Han and Luke that they are doing for 2003 (Quick-draw Han, saber-slash Luke). I think they would look pretty cool in your bar display due to the lack of figures.

    Your cantina picture you should send to Hasbro and tell them how much you think they need to put out a 12" collection version of:

    Momaw Nadon
    Labrina (the Devaronian)
    Dr. Evazan
    Hem Dazon (the Arcona)

    - at the very least. The more obscure guys would be hard to see realized in 12" sales (Ponda Baba didn't do so well - but maybe because he looked like he came broken in the package (arm off) )
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    That is sweet! Great job Clowntrooper!


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