I sort of do 12" dioramas. I don't make backgrounds for them, but I do try and use characters that appear together in the movies (or I exaggerate a little).

Do you do this? What are some of your largest groups of figures?

Some of my larger groups include:

12" Bounty Hunters (the 6 obvious choices).

The Sarlaac Battle: Leia Slave w. R2 Server, Luke Jedi, Han Unfrozen, Electronic Boba Fett (hopefully Lando Skiff and Gamorrean next year - and dang this needs a Weequay!)

Jabba's Palace: Chewie N' Chains, Leia Boussh, Luke Jedi (robed), Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett, Han's carbonite block. I'm going to add a Gamorrean and Lando Skiff to this one as well. Looks like I'll be buying 2 each of these figures.

- Jabba and Oola would be nice, as would the Max Rebo Band, but the band I'm inclined to keep separate for space limitation reasons.

Mos Eisley: I have 2 Sandtroopers (orange and white), Ponda, Greedo, R5-D4, I have the Death Star Droid as "RA-7", and the Jawa. I didn't want to overcomplicate things, so I only have Modal Node member Nalan, because I liked his instrument the best.

Death Star: I have Tarkin, Vader 14", and the Royal Guard, with Palpatine.

Bespin Landing Platform: I have Leia Hoth, Han Bespin, Lando, C-3PO, and Plastic Bark Chewbacca. (Lobot would not do anything for me. I don't need him in a 12". I like having just the heroes here.)

Hanger Battle #1: Black Travel Amidala, Padme handmaiden, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, OOM-9, Battle Droid.

Gungan Battle: Capt. Tarpals on the Kaadu, Electronic JarJar, OOM-9, Battle Droid (and I totally want a Destroyer Droid here to make the Trade Federation at least appear to be a threat!)

Galactic Senate: Amidala Senate, possibly Anakin (because I like that scene when he comes to say good-bye), Valorum, Senate Guard, and an E.T. that's from the 80's that's the perfect size! I'd love to add SENATOR Palpatine to this group, as well as some of the other cool characters we've seen involved in galactic politics.

Mos Espa: Here I have Padme Tatooine, Anakin, Watto, Electronic Naked C-3PO, (I need an extra R2D2 - preferably with tools), the Pit Droids, Sebulba, and I'd love to add Shmi Skywalker and a collection of Pod Racers in the 6-to-12 inch size! They are so funny looking!)

Endor Strike Team: Luke Speederbike, Leia Speederbike (soon), I have 2 Scout Troopers on Speederbikes, Han Endor, Original Chewie, Wicket. (I want to have Han fighting a Scout and Luke and Leia on the same Speederbike but then I'd have 2 extra bikes taking up a lot of space! I wished Leia Endor had been released just boxed and without a bike!)

Clone Troopers: I have the Commander, Captain, and 2 Troopers posed like their the Fantastic 4 launching into battle!

Jedi Council: Eventually I want to set up the entire Episode 1 Jedi Council. I would put Shaak-Ti and Coleman Trebdor (the new E2 members) into battle scenes.

Arena Battle: Right now, I only plan on doing 4 figures: two Jedi I like (Ki Adi Mundi, and I'm hoping for a great SaeSee Tiin) versus two Super Battle Droids. - The Super Battle Droid is not that great of figure, and buying more regular E1 Battle Droids or OOM-9's just doesn't thrill me. I have 4 and they never bothered to give them turning wrists or improve them in any way (between OOM-9 and the regular one's release) so I'd prefer not to have a lot of figures I don't think are particularly great. This applies to Plo Koon, who I've handled personally because my friend got him early and I don't think the Plo figure's that great. I'll just get 1 for my Jedi Council scene, I'm sorry to say.

I have a lot more 12" displays, but I think my bigger groups have all been spoken for. Sometimes a display only requires 2 figures like Obi-Wan versus Jango, or something large by itself like Darth Maul on the Sith Speeder or the Dewback with Sandtrooper. Still, the groups can be more fun!!!