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    TIE Bomber

    I was just wondering how many folks are planing on buying a new TIE Bomber in the SAGA package, to go with their POTJ packaged version.

    I open all my ships, so I don't plan on buying another one. But I am curious to see who all keeps their ships MIMB and who collects these types of variations, not that there are all that many. I think the last major ship package change/addition was the Slave 1 green box or SOTE purple box.
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    I'll get one, but it might be the one I open. If I like it in the box as much as the POTJ, I'll buy 2.
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    I wish that they would have done the bomber right. It should have two seats, one behind the other, for the pilot and bombadier....that would have been great!

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    Originally posted by Sentinel18725
    I wish that they would have done the bomber right. It should have two seats, one behind the other, for the pilot and bombadier....that would have been great!
    According to StarWars.Com and the Essential Guide to Vehicles book, the TIE Bomber is a single seat ship. The TIE Shuttle that looks similar to the Bomber and is seen in ESB does have 2 seats though. Actually it has three, 1 in the cockpit and the ordnance pod has 2 passanger seats. For those that don't know, the little shuttle that Captain Needa uses to go to the Executer is a TIE Shuttle.

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    I'll probably add another ship.
    That way I have double the odds of bombing those darn rebels
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    I open everything I get, drives my wife crazy, but I explain to her only packaged vintage figures and accessaries are going to have any REAL value. Besides, with people able to print their own packages for their figures, whats authentic and whats not? I have Carded figures that the words are in Hebrew, these figures were not from Israel, just a very talented kid with a printer and a lot of time, he even mailed me a back that he did in Japaneese.
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    I prefer to keep my ships in the box. I have limited space to display it all, and the boxes stack nicely onto one another. I will open one if I get a second ship on sale, otherwise my budget keeps me to just one of each vehicle. The FAO shuttle might be on the "just out of my financial means" though. I just rencently started opening up second figures, but check them against one another, just in case there is a difference.
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    I prefer keeping my stuff in the box. As bobafrett stated it is easier to display them becasue of stackability. Unfortunately I never got the POTJ version, so hopefully I will get this one. I do plan on eventaully having both, and displaying them together.
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    I got them both and opened them both. There is actually quite a bit more detail painting (blaster marks and what I guess is space dirt) on the saga version. I always open ships.


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