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    Prequals-OT, OT-Prequals

    theres really no set place to put this thread because it deals with both the OT and the Prequals, so i just stuck it here. but heres the question:
    what kind of things were very common in the OT that have not appeared in the prequals besides main characters and planets? (like wenever ships went into hyperspace, the stars would come towards the screen and the ship would rocket off)

    now, vise versa, wat kind of things are in the prequals that werent in the OT short of the special editions add-ins besides main characters and planet? (like there were no kind of arial shots of the locals and where the next scene would take place like wenever they show the senate on coruscant, they always show the senate chamber)
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    Uh, there were no purple lightsabers in the OT.

    And there was no slicing in the OT. In the PT we saw Obi & Qui slice through batledroids in EP1, and Anakin slice through Geonosians & Tuskens in EP2.

    As for the outside of The Senate Chamber being shown before the inside in the prequels, I believe the outside of the Death Star was shown before the inside in the OT. At least in ANH it was.
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    One thing I really missed in the prequels was the lack of the hyperspace tunnel effect.

    Another was the use of "Luke's Theme" for a bulk of triumphant action sequences.

    Because of the increased dependence on CG, Lucas has sort of abandoned the stationary shot of the OT, most of his prequel camera movements are now wild and totally physics-free.
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    I hope the hyperspace thing is used in Episode III, something small to help tie the movies in a bit better.

    Something the PT has that the OT doesn't is the holographic war thing that is seen in AOTC.

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