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    Ep 2 set due this February? -SPOILERS-

    This is an Episode 2-themed thread, so




    Anyway, as I mentioned in my SSG news post, Marz Distribution has listed all the previously-rumored Ep 2 Lego sets as coming in April 2002, except they didn't have the Jedi Starfighter listed last night when I wrote the article. Today, I am told they listed the Starfighter, I go to the link, and lo-and-behold, there is the listing for it with a different presell date - February 2002! My guess is that this is a preview set that will ship alone and will not come with pics of the upcoming Ep 2 sets in the standard literature. I can't wait to see it!
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    At last more sets to use for new dioramas! My sons are excited about these and they're already planning to do more dios.
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    Wow is that Yoda holding a green saber? Looks like the little guy might see some action for once.
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    The set looks ok, as far as a Jedi Starfighter goes at least... I just wish they had picked a better hair piece for Obi-Wan other than the girl red hair piece.
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