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  • Sei Teria, Administrative Aide

    62 7.13%
  • Edcel Bar Gan, Senator from Roona

    50 5.75%
  • Po Nudo, Aqualish Senator from Ando

    46 5.29%
  • Tendau Bendon, Senator from Ithor

    16 1.84%
  • Yarua, Wookiee Senator from Kashyyyk

    182 20.94%
  • Eidley Teem, Gran Senator from Malastare

    37 4.26%
  • Mot-Nat Rab, an obstructionist Senator

    72 8.29%
  • Neetche Kaa, Senator from Rodia

    23 2.65%
  • Sly Moore, Administrative Aide

    381 43.84%
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    Hmmmmm, I would have voted for Onaconda Farr the Rodian senator instead of the other one. Or even an Ister Paddie and Ronet Coorr 2-pack. Lexi Dio is pretty hot as senators go. Then there's the issue of you having Po Nudo listed when Po Nudo is actually a seperatist according to the official publications surrounding the release of AOTC. I'd like to see Sei Taria and Sly Moore and a new Mas Amedda with tongue action. Senator Amidala would be cool as long she was accompanied by Dorme in that purple cloak. Aks Aak or Aks Moe would be pretty cool The pic of Eidley Teem is what used to be known as Aks Moe I believe. Horox Ryyder would be my final choice though. Watto's box seats cinema scene gave us the hard to find Graxol Kelvyyn who was impossibly tall and way overscaled. Using the arms and head of that figure and making a new body that was about a third shorter would give us a correct scale Horox Ryyder carded. The head and the hands of the Graxol figure are really nice and it's a shame that so many people had a hard time finding him. So my vote goes to a rescaled resculpt of Graxol as Horox instead.

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    Good suggestions Jargo.

    Any pictures you care to post to this thread of these other characters could help.
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    Honestly, I have a whole "other" huge list of figures I want made before any of the politicians but I voted for the Wookie...let the wookie win!

    Whoever wants a Sly Moore fig, just pick up the blue bald chick figure from Far Scrape
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    I thought of that. The scale is totally off, since the Farscape figures are 6" tall. Besides, she's a weird looking hot chick. How could anyone not want her.

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    Originally posted by Darth Cruel
    At least Yarua WOULD get my vote if I COULD vote. But I am STILL getting the "invalid session" error message.

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    Your vote has been added by hand. As for the "invalid session" thing, I still think it's a cookie problem on your end since people who aren't logged in users can vote but you can't. Anyway, should be addressed in the upcoming software update.

    As for my own vote, I didn't bother because I wouldn't buy any of 'em.
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    Po Nudo, Aqualish Senator from Ando gets my vote, just too darn cool looking, although Sly is a close second
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    I Like Sly.

    Jargo's right, right? About Po Nudo being a Separatist and all?

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    I don't know.

    Here's the bigger question:

    Did the Separatists continue to send their Senate delegations to Coruscant after declaring themselves 'out of the Republic?'

    It would be a good way to maintain a voice in the Republic's policy without paying the taxes: so long as the Senate said they could not seceede (did the Senate ever say this?), then they should have a representative there.

    So that begs another question about the Separatist leadership:

    Did the Trade Federation still have Lott Dodd on Coruscant in E2?

    Did Mon Calamari still have Senator Tikkes (the Quarren) there?

    Did the Banking Clan still have a representative?

    Did Shu Mai have a delegate from the Commerce Guild there?

    Did Passal Argente have someone representing his system's interests?

    That would explain Po Nudo's appearance in the Senate IF he was a Separatist. Ando would still want him there to monitor the situation in the Republic. But Nudo did seem to want to speak and vote. If the Aqualish seceeded, they wouldn't get a vote, right?

    We're talking about Palpatine manipulating the rules here, too. So a lot of things are possible.

    Po Nudo was not on Geonosis though. That is for sure.
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    I voted Yarua also. Mostly because of the same Wookie fetish as most others here ... though I'll say that the whole idea of senator figures is pretty attractive to me. Such an odd idea for a toy if you think about it ... alien senators. Imagine a bunch of six year olds sitting around roll playing with these toys ... how creepy.

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    I voted Edcel Bar Gan because we haven't seen a figure like that before. Some figures can be customized to make other senatorial figures.


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