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  • Sei Teria, Administrative Aide

    62 7.13%
  • Edcel Bar Gan, Senator from Roona

    50 5.75%
  • Po Nudo, Aqualish Senator from Ando

    46 5.29%
  • Tendau Bendon, Senator from Ithor

    16 1.84%
  • Yarua, Wookiee Senator from Kashyyyk

    182 20.94%
  • Eidley Teem, Gran Senator from Malastare

    37 4.26%
  • Mot-Nat Rab, an obstructionist Senator

    72 8.29%
  • Neetche Kaa, Senator from Rodia

    23 2.65%
  • Sly Moore, Administrative Aide

    381 43.84%
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    I voted for the Umbaran Sly Moore.

    I'd like to add some remarks. The Rodian Senator in Episode I does not have a name. This name is not official. It has been given bij 'red6 encyclopedia'. He is named Onoconda Farr in Episode II, but we don't know if he was already a Senator in Episode II.

    Pu Nudo is not present in the Senate either. De Andoan Free Colonies decided to contineu their support to the Republic while Ando itself seceded. The Andoan Senator is Gorothin Vagger (source Eps II DVD Depth Commentary).

    I don't think the corporations did still have a representative in the Senate. About Calamari, you could say that Tikkes was just a corrupt Senator and that he was replaced by Tundra Dowmeia. I don't think Castell, Muun and Kooriva still had a representative since their planet was too closely allied with the CIS Fractions (Commerce Guild - Banking Clan - Corporate Alliance).

    At least these are my thoughts

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    I voted for Yarua... we need another Wookiee that isn't Chewbacca...!

    As it was said before, "Let the Wookiee win!"
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    I'd love an ET, but being a realist (and having joined the discussion late) I know it's never going to happen. But as for out choices I voted for Sly Moore. She had more screen time, you use a diagrams, and I think she would a cool figure.
    Yarua is a very close second and I would like to see him done.
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    Well, I would vote for Sly Moore...but it's still not letting me vote. I like the Gran Senator though, he would have been a close second. Sly looks cool, and they could do something meat with the face. Have it a little tilted, giving somewhat of an odd look to someone else. Hm, maybe that's why she has the name "Sly." I dunno, just sounds good to me. I just feel sorry for her looking like O'Conner.

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    I'm still searching for a good pic of Aks Aak but here's some of the other senators. I only include Dorme because she goes with Amidala so neatly it would be a bit daft not to make the two of them together. Plus she's a hottie so she deserves a figure made of her IMO

    Onaconda Farr only appears in the gold colored outfit as far as I know and the outfit worn by that Rodian in the senate pod there is perhaps a different Rodian but the blurb that accompanied the pic said it was Onaconda farr so i put both pics in. If hasbro were to do Both outfits they could get away with calling the one in gold Dar Wac Palpatine's aide since he wore the same outfit that Onaconda Farr wore later. Lucas says that's about continuity with all Rodians wearing similar clothing.... pity he hasn't applied the continuity rule to the rest of the saga then. What's with all those aliens in the prequels having the three finger hands and then in the OT they have five finger humanoid hands? Gonna look pretty daft isn't it if he doesn't CGI those extraneous fingers out. But be that as it may here's the pics so far...

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    I voted for Sei Taria because I like her better than Sly and we don't need any of those others.

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    Man, why do I always want the Losers? Either the Walrus Man or Hammerhead would have been totally rocking in my book as I love these "classic" characters and more of their species would be wicked cool in my book. Sigh . . . I just can't win.

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    Originally posted by Tycho

    It will not happen folks. It was allowed because Steven Spielberg is George Lucas' best friend, and it was an appreciative sort of inside joke between them. Spielberg isn't going to make any money off it, so there will not be E.T. figures in anything LFL authorized.

    In the meantime, use the key chains with the chains removed or go to Universal Studio theme parks and buy yourself the E.T.'s at the appropriate size.

    Kraft Macaroni and Cheese did some kind of E.T. that size also.

    I don't have any, want them myself, but will eventually go to Universal Studios to get them.

    If anyone can order them through some Universal Studio website, please post the link in here.

    Otherwise, forget about it. E.T. would be great, but it's never happening!
    Am I misinterpreting this post or is this an angry response to a simple statement about wanting an ET figure on a Hasbro card?
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    Yes, you are misinterpreting that post. He made the first part bold, so people would read it. Instead of having the entire thread full of "Why didn't you include the E.T. Senator?" questions. Not to mention it's been brought up and discussed many many times since 1999.

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    Yes, I posted that large not because I was shouting, but because I wanted to head off the long discussion flood that might've followed had everyone who wanted an E.T. figure on a SW card chimed in on that issue. It was nothing personal, and as I said, I'm looking at ways to add E.T.'s to the figures I'm collecting to build a Senate diorama myself.

    Meanwhile, sure I could have offered the E.T.s in the poll, but in the poll asking for which Cantina Aliens you want Hasbro to make next, I did offer the Tonnika Sisters, knowing full-well that they cannot be produced.

    However, Hasbro might find the overwhelming support that Brea and Senni received to be justification for another attempt to get Lucasfilm to work things out with Christine Hewitt and Angela Staines so that they won't sue Lucas if we get action figures.

    They still could make Shada D'ukal and Karoly D'ulin in "Mos Eisley Espionage Disguises" and use some EU picture of Shada and Karoly from the comic books in their Mistryal Shadow Warrior Women get-ups for the cards (so no pictures are used) but create Shada and Karoly's figures to look like they were while they were posing as the Tonnika Sisters when Luke and Ben walked into the bar. That might still not avert a lawsuit, but they might stand a better chance of winning it if they went that route.

    On the other hand, Hasbro has this relationship with Lucasfilm to make money. They are able to use the license per paying Lucas' fees and so long as they stay in his favor. (Not to mention we don't want them to suddenly change the action figure size so our E3 figures won't match the rest of our modern collection, do we?) So Hasbro probably doesn't want to make any big waves to come crashing onto Skywalker Ranch.

    In the meantime, the Arcona, Hem Dazon, had better see production as the next single-carded SW Cantina Alien, since he got the next highest amount of votes by an extreme margin, or Hasbro is crazy! The other high-demand Cantina aliens were the Gotal and Dannik Jerriko, the Anzati Vampire with the pipe.

    The poll for the fans' most wanted Jabba the Hutt Palace Aliens was much closer, with Yarna de Gargan (the large, errrr....multi-featured dancer) winning a good majority, but with Herme Odel making a strong showing. 4 more characters did significantly well, that they all should receive some of Hasbro's most generous attention: J'Quille the Whipid, Sgt. Doallyn the Guard, Bubo the dog, and Rappertunie the frog with the harmonica from the Max Rebo Band.

    Meanwhile, in case anyone wondered, I supported Yarua the Wookiee Senator in this poll. I could use more figures of Sly Moore, and to be honest, Eidley Teem the Gran Senator as well, plus Sei Teria should stand with Chancellor Valorum and Mas Ameeda in E1 Senate dioramas. But I just like Wookiees! - and especially a new sculpt that does not wear Chewbacca's signature bandolier. Along with a Wookiee Jedi that's rumored, I hope we see two different and new body sculpts for Wookiees during the next 2 years, as well as fur color, eye color, etc. Rorwroor was cheating on Hasbro's part (pretty much).

    I also think Po Nudo and Mot-Nat Rab would make cool figures! I liked their unique look - and Po Nudo is from the other Aqualish race from Ando - as he has 4 eyes compared to Ponda Baba's only 2. This would make a unique Aqualish character in our collection and it would be a nice new take on a Classic Star Wars alien like somebody suggested.
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