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  • Sei Teria, Administrative Aide

    62 7.13%
  • Edcel Bar Gan, Senator from Roona

    50 5.75%
  • Po Nudo, Aqualish Senator from Ando

    46 5.29%
  • Tendau Bendon, Senator from Ithor

    16 1.84%
  • Yarua, Wookiee Senator from Kashyyyk

    182 20.94%
  • Eidley Teem, Gran Senator from Malastare

    37 4.26%
  • Mot-Nat Rab, an obstructionist Senator

    72 8.29%
  • Neetche Kaa, Senator from Rodia

    23 2.65%
  • Sly Moore, Administrative Aide

    381 43.84%
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    Which Galactic Senate Figure Do You Want To See Hasbro Make Next?

    BEFORE YOU VOTE: Please see this picture of all the Senators with their names!

    There are certainly a lot of background characters available as choices for action figures from the Star Wars films' rich and diverse settings. Without a doubt, the Galactic Senate is one of them.

    Originally this poll had more than 14 great choices. But to simplify things, the Separatists decided they didn't want to be included at this time, and there are strong rumors that point towards Bail Organa seeing production in 2003.

    With that said, here are some of the most interesting choices for key figures from the Old Republic.

    Which one do you want as an action figure the most?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails galactic representatives.jpg  
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