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    Marvel Legends Series 3!!!

    I am now pleased beyond anything to have read about Marvel Legends Series 3 in the new ToyFare. It'll include Magneto, Thor, Wolverine, Venom and a new Spiderman. They look sweet!
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    I may have to get that Wolverine.. if it wasn't for Star Wars and Transformers I'd be getting all of these.

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    I'll hafta pick up Magneto and Wolvie for sure. Some of the Marvel Legends are awesome. I've only picked up Hulk and Spidey cause they're some of my fave characters, but they're all very very well done.
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    Series 3 is very well done also. Thing and Torch are my favorite.
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    Yep, they look beatiful on my computer - I hope they continue on that way into the stores. There's no reason to believe otherwise based on what we've seen so far. Sweet line of figures.

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    I'll probably grab the Venom, thats the only one that intrests me. While I think the Marvel Legends line is cool, I dislike the rare variant crap. Plus I used to only collect Venom figures for a while, and wouldn't mind a definative version of the charecter for my desk.

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    I don't really collect Superhero toys. The only one I have is a Spiderman that I bought on clearance at a K-Mart a couple years ago. He came with a streetlight and some wooden crates.

    Anyway, have they made Captain America yet? That's probably the only other figure I would buy.
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    Yes they've made Captain America already. He was in stores with Marvel Legends Series 1. And he's a great figure too. You may have to go to Ebay to get him, but he's worth it.
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    Thanks. I'll have to see if I can track one down.

    I wonder if it is the same scale as my Spiderman....then again, I can just use Capt. American an excuse to get a new Spiderman.
    Yo momma. That's right, I said "yo momma".

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    I saw the pics on TB's website for the new series. They look awesome and I cannot wait to get Thor.
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