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    Question Muslems Riot, Kill, Burn, to Protest Immorality in Miss World Contest!!!

    OK, we cannot have immorality in Nigeria that goes against Islam's teachings.

    A Nigerian newspaper that was not *appropriately censored* printed that the prophet Mohammed would so much approve of the highlighting of the Miss World contestants qualities, that he would probably marry one of them.

    Such immorality must not go unpunished, so the newspaper building was set fire to and torn apart, the staff ambushed and attacked.

    Some 200 people or more have been killed by these immorality protestors.

    Christians are fighting back, as much was taken out on them because Muslems do not allow the showing of the flesh in such pageants which have swimsuit and evening gown competitions, so the immoral had to be purged, and the good, decent Christians had to retalliate by burning Muslem towns.

    That is why the Miss Wolrd pageant had to be held in London due to the emergency evacuation of the contestants.

    Does anyone here see the hypocrisy of ALL sides in this stupid thing?

    I guess 200 + people have to die first....
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    How about just not having one around there and let the models go back to eating?
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    Ugh, just ugh. Any wonder why people think the human race is doomed. See, this exactly the reason that absolutely hate organized religion. Excuse me while I beat my head against the wall, over the utter stupidy of the human race.

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    I think this just goes to show......

    That all organized beauty pagents should be banned.

    However lingerie shows are still ok.

    Thank you!
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    I would so much approve of the highlighting of the Miss World contestants qualities, that I would probably marry one of them.

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    Whoever decided it would be fun to have the Miss World pageant in Nigeria is a fool. Nigeria ranks as one of the poorest, least developed nations in the world. They continually have problems with civil unrest, rampant government corruption, and unbearable poverty. The population seems to be, quite simply, an angry mob split along religious lines. Westerners who work in the country have to do so under armed guard, essentially, due to the ever-present threat of kidnapping by Nigerians desperate for money.

    The Miss World folks were just asking for trouble.

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    I thought the same, I mean, you'd think that a country with a devout fundamentalist population wouildn't have made the short list, if ya follow...
    Every time the death toll rises, I recall "Life of Brian"....
    As I understand it, the powderkeg was finally ignited there when some comment made it into the media about how the winner would have been "desired by even Mohammed, were he still alive"

    That got said, and then the folks started freakin, last I saw the death toll was up over 250 (and I thought it was ludicrous when the # 2 was first stated days ago!?!)...
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    What gets me is everyone laying the blame on everyone else. It's the newspapers fault. It's the governments fault. Its the religions fault. It's the pageants fault. When are people going to start taking responsibilities for their own actions. How about considering it being the fault of the individuals that went out and murdered people. Ideas don't kill people, people do. It is just too bad that people, more often than not, unquestioningly buy into these ridiculous ideas on absolute value and morality to the point where others that do not conform are the enemy and need to be eliminated or dishonored in order to destroy any opposing ideas.

    Alright, I hear myself about to trail of the specific topic again so I will stop, but I just want to say, as an addendum to Jar's comment about religion, that I believe that over the whole of history more people have been killed in the name of God than any other reason. What kind of God would want this? It is my opinion that the word God, in reference to religion, should be replaced with Power. Now don't get me wrong! I have absolutely no problem with people that strive to discover something of a greater importance than their own egos, but I do not think that religion is the 'yellow brick road'. Religion is just another power structure in which the masses give their freedom over to those in power and become nothing more than willing slaves for the reasurance that when they die (and those in power/religion have no more need for the individual to worship God/them) they are promised a better life. I use to use this trick when I was just a wee lad and hung out with my cousin. I would promise to play Barbie right after we played Star Wars for an hour. The thing is that her families visits never went over an hour. So I got mine and had to give up nothing in return. She did what I asked for the reasurance that we would eventually play Barbie when I damn well knew that it would never happen in any way that affected me. Now that is some REAL ULTIMATE POWER!
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    In my town they would not show the Victoria's Secret thing, but I saw bits of it. I do not want to start a riot among Nigerian Mormons, but Brigham Young would have married all of them!
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    See my prior post. This is ridiculous! Always gotta blame someone else!
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