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    Norwalk Virus... is it a terrorist experiment?

    Just thinking... the FBI warns the next wave of terrorist strikes are reported to be targeting ocean going vessels. With the recent events of cruise ships harbouring the Norwalk virus (a fairly common and innocuous virus) and various communities having outbreaks of the virus... I've been wondering.

    Could this be an experiment to see how effective using pleasure ships would be to spread a deadly virus in the coming year??

    Just a thought... while I was in "Spooky" Mulder mode.
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    Interesting thought. The way the world is going to hell I wouldnt be surprised.
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    The zipper don't work on my jacket . . . I think that's an act of terrorism by Kohl's and Osama bin Laden.
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    Hey JP, you must be watching too much X-Files. JK
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    the what virus? Norwalk? On cruiseliner ships? What do they make people spend rediculous amounts to sleep in the ocean? That's not really new!!
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    Seriously... the large number of people who take cruises and then return home ill transmit the diseases to others in their family... then the family members to other people in the community...

    why not? track the progress of Norwalk outbreaks and then do the same thing with smallpox or something else...
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    The FBI is saying that their line of thinking is... scuba divers will attach explosives to the hulls of the ships and those will detonate when the ship is back out at sea...

    They are thinking explosives... my query and thought is more "bio-weapons" related. It's not THAT far fetched.
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    Yea, but can't that happen if you go out to eat or shopping at the grocery store??? Maybe it is a "Mini Test" for these jerks. I don't know.
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    well... you had approximately 200 passengers on each of the 5 ships contract the virus. That's roughly 1000 individuals. Because they are kept in such close quarters, the virus has a very easy way of spreading without too much interference.

    Subsequently, when these people disembark and get on a plane to come home, everything they touch becomes infected... there you have an additional number of people who come into contact with the virus and possibly carry it to their respective destinations.

    Remember how much of a problem the local school that closed had in making certain everything was disinfected? They had to scrub all the walls and even run various agents through duct work to prevent possible airborne contamination. The same thing happened on the ships...

    Imagine if smallpox was released in the ductwork of an ocean vessel towards the tail end of its journey. No one would would really have immediate symptoms to identify it as smallpox, thus no quarrantine could be instated. The passengers disembark and think they have colds and sneeze and spread the virus unknowingly. Further contamination. By the time they arrive at home a number of people have been exposed and are then potential carriers.

    It's frightening, really.
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    Let's see, ships filled with Westerners travel to 3-world countries and then return with some sort of disease? Why is that a suprise? Heck, ship loads of Westerners traveling to almost any foreign country is bound to expose them to foreign virus' that their body can't handle. The shots your suppose to have just to travel to Africa is a list as long as your arm.
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