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    Thumbs down Messed up 10030 Star Destroyer order

    Tuesday the 26th of November 2002:

    After getting off the night shift driving the taxi cab and paying my girlfriend a little visit I got home to my apartment at 10 AM to go through receipts and invoices and then try and get a little sleep but at 10.50 AM I got mail with the postman and there was a nice surprise for me.

    I had received notification that I could go and pick up my 10030 Star Destroyer order at the gas station a few minutes walk from my apartment so I decided to go and get it with the taxi cab before my partner where about to start his shift in a hour so I got dressed and off I went.

    A small note on the side:

    Since the Swedish postal company re-organized this year they basically closed all the post offices around Sweden and let gas stations and grocery stores etc handle the postal service so therefore I now got to go to the gas station to pick up and send packages and so on and so on.


    I got to the gas station at 11 AM and gave the young guy working the notification but when he tried to scan the bar code on the computer terminal he got the message that they “DIDN’T” have my package with the 10030 Star Destroyer set that I had ordered from Shop at Home???

    So the young guy at the gas station decided to call the office where the postmen are located a few minutes walk from there but then things just got worse as the postman said it had been delivered to a truck driving company at 11.52 AM on Monday the 25th of November???

    I got so ****** I could have ripped that gas station and that postmen office apart with my bare hands but I “kind of” held my anger back and the postman got my cell phone number so that he could check what had happened and get back to me a little later during the day...

    Outside the gas station I met my younger sister at the bus stop so I gave her a lift to work and then I went and picked my partner up as he were about to start his shift driving the taxi cab and when I got home I called LEGO Shop at Home here in Europe and explained the mess.

    The LEGO representative promised to check things up and get back to me as soon as possible so I called first my father Leif and then my girlfriend Eva Marie and while on the phone I got “call waiting” so I answered and it was the LEGO Shop at Home representative calling me.

    Basically she had within 15 minutes checked it all up with their German postal carrier who in their turn had called the gas station and what I got to hear was one hell of a big surprise for me as I was told that my package with my 10030 Star Destroyer order was at the Gas station.

    What the???

    So I took a walk to the gas station and when I got there I explained the situation since there was another guy working and yes my package was there and he explained that they couldn’t scan bar codes on international packages as the computer terminal wouldn’t accept them.

    As my package therefore wasn’t available in the computer terminal the young guy working there earlier in the day couldn’t see that my package actually “WAS” there and since he didn’t know this fact he had missed it but hey it wasn’t such a big deal even if it was annoying.

    So you guys think this little story ends here? Nope. It gets much worse in a few seconds.

    Being the smart guy that I like to think that I am at least I decided to open up the package to check for damages as there was a possible eyewitness to it in form of the guy working at the Gas station and what do I discover when I look into the package with my Star Destroyer?

    Take a guess... The Star Destroyer box was crushed as well as the package...

    This was my lucky day I guess...

    So I showed it to the guy at the gas station and told him that I wanted to file a complaint about my crushed package but he where unsure what to do so he called the Swedish postal company who in their turn told him to tell me to use their hotline phone at the gas station and call them.

    Doesn’t anyone know what they’re supposed to do and don’t they know their job at all???

    So I called the Swedish postal company on their hotline phone at the gas station and a lady answered but I won’t go into details but I can say so much as that I got so damn ****** off that I basically told the lady to drop dead because of her pure stupidity and total incompetense.

    So I asked the guy at the gas station to hand write a report about the damage to my package and sign it with his name and then I took a walk with my package back home to my apartment in anger and I really wondered where the world were going to in these days and age...

    I understand that much that the Swedish postal company have handled my package pretty rough, and it’s not the first time I’ve received damaged orders, but then again LEGO Shop at Home did a crap job putting the order in a package one fifth of an inch larger then the set box.

    I’ve never ever sent an order like the way LEGO Shop at Home shipped my Star Destroyer when I had my small model kit mail order company as I always known that the postal service is rough with packages and I always packed the model kit boxes carefully to avoid damages.

    I’ve seen myself how the postal service and trucking companies etc handle packages so I wouldn’t advice anyone to send grand mother’s china just wrapped in just paper but encased in concrete so that they can’t toy around with fragile stuff people have ordered or sent.


    Of course all the parts and the instruction booklet was un-damaged and in near mint condition but the inner boxes (not that they are important) and the set box was crushed and therefore pretty beaten up but I’ll see to it that LEGO Shop at Home send me a brand new set box.

    After all, I save and collect “ALL” the beautiful LEGO Star Wars boxes as well as they’re a work of art to be saved for the future and then again boxes like that and for model kits and trains are collectibles and I’ve seen a Märklin train box being valued to more then $100.00.

    Oh and by the way... It’s almost 4 AM here in Sweden and the postman haven’t called me back yet and explained what trucking company picked up my package that didn’t exist.

    “A big thank you to Alexandra at LEGO Shop at Home here in Europe who cleared up the mess the gas station and the Swedish postal company caused and for her ever so kind support and service to me. Thank you again. You’re an angel.”

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...

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    Sorry to hear that, sounds like a big mess. Gas stations and grocery stores, that makes TONS of sense.
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    Thumbs down Re: Messed up 10030 Star Destroyer order

    Thanks JediTricks.

    Yeah it’s like a big mess with gas stations and grocery stores handling the postal service as they sell gas, diesel, food, hot dogs and lottery tickets etc and on top of that they know jack about postal services so it makes “TONS” of sense but hey Sweden’s going down hill.

    Standing in line for 30 minutes for something that takes 30 seconds makes sense.

    Sweden used to be a democracy for the pople but that died a long time ago.

    My brother in law works as a post man and one day he and his partners read in the evening papers that the president of the postal service wanted to retire 15000 post men all over Sweden and let some recruting company take over it so they went to the local paper.

    Imagine a company with a bunch of moorons handling the postal service. Jesus.

    That president don’t work for the postal service anymore. He got fired. Thank God for that.

    Kindest regards,

    Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.
    R.J. (John Carpenter's The Thing) MacReady: Crazy Swedes...


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