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    Talking "nuovo imballato ed originale"

    I've just bought in Italia a Battle Pack lot. All "case fresh" from a... forgotten case (found in the temple of doom by Indy Jones himself maybe...).
    They are the "Ideal" versions named "Collection" instead of "Battle Pack". Some are only in Dutch language, the others are trilingual : Dutch, German and French (for Belgium).

    I also bought this week on Ebay the very cool "Emblemless green A-Wing" MIMB. Cool find...

    I've added a pic of an Ideal BP trilingual version.

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    Cool Ooops !

    Ooops !

    Sorry, here is the trilingual version :

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    If you need any help translating the Dutch then mail me.

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    Sicqnus, if you decide that emblemless A-Wing is not "your cup of tea", our esteemed moderator GSJ may be willing to take if off your hands!
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    i've just about given up on that quest i feel like a total dork for dropping the ball on the auction that s43 pointed out a few months ago.

    someday, my prince shall come.........................
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    Wink Yep !

    Thanks Robert DD to proposed to me translating assistance !

    Concerning the green emblemless A-Wing, I will take some pictures soon for my website. The box is not perfect (I would grade it C.8,5) but if anybody want some detailed or close-ups pics : LMK, no problem.

    Anoza' great find : two X-Ray sets (5 & 6)... on gray/black striped cards with orange background.


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