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    Who Saw the Latest ToyFare? (and Twisted ToyFare Theatre)

    First off, I am placing this thread here as it deals with toy collecting and is not related to Star Wars toy collecting.

    I got the latest issue of ToyFare last week and finally got to read "Twisted ToyFare Theatre" over the weekend. I had been avoiding reading this feature of late the few times I've bought ToyFare as it has been a rather disappointing read. Well, after just a panel or two I could tell, TTT is back with a vengence!

    The tale, which surrounds a kind of shake-up with the Fantastic Four was what made Twisted Mego Theatre (later Twisted ToyFare Theatre) such a great feature! As I said, the efforts put forth of late have been sad and decidedly unamusing. But this month they have returned to a South Park level of irreverence and the story kept me in stitches from begining to end. If you get a chance, check it out. This month's feature is almost worth the price of the magazine!

    Plus you get a great feature article on Gentle Giant Studios and lots of great pictures of upcoming toy lines.

    Did anyone else see this month's TTT?
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    I'll have mine by next week. Those Mego's are always great for laughs.

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    I agree, it was one of the better one's.
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    I agree, TTT was classically funny this month.
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