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    Finally Scored Ephant Mon!

    Ah, so it appears Ephant Mon has hit Pittsburgh. I scored the big fella, at Toys R Us by Century III mall. I originally was doing my toy hunt in the Robinson area last night and ran into some collecting buds. They informed me that one of their friends found Ephant Mon at Century III. I quickly finished my hunt and whisked away to Century III. Low and behold they had a 12ft display area that was at least 8 figures high and 6 figures deep. I with the assistance of Emily (my fiancee) searched and searched. We had very nearly met in the middle (We started from oppisite ends) when I asked her of her luck. She said that she was just looking for a large "bubble" and hadn't found him. Because I hadn't seen him in person yet, I (incorrectly, yes, I have been known to make mistakes "from time to time") stated that she should go back through and look for him again because.... (I didn't finish the statement when THERE HE WAS! All gleaming in clear plastic. In a HUGE bubble! WOW he is impressive, most impressive. Great sculpt! Paint is excellent....I can't say enough about him. He is officially the biggest 3 3/4in SW figure to date (Don't include Jabba) to be on a "single" card. I compared him to Yoda, and he could eat Yoda as a snack!

    If your looking to get your collecting friends a figure for Christmas, this is the one...if you can find him. Although he is now showing up, he is still in very limited quantities. He is afterall only packed two to a box in case assortment.

    Rating: MOST excellent buy. This guy is one POUND of plastic! Currently he is my favorite fig. I'm even NOT going to open him...Well that's until I find another one.

    Good luck. Yippeeeeeee! Happy Hunting! and as always.....
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    (grumble grumble) Congrats on your find, Sal! (grumble)

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    YOU LUCKY ... .. . ..... !!!!!!!!!! Congrats in a big way.
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    I must agree that Ephant Mon is a great figure. I was lucky enough to find two at the same time, so I got an open one. He appears to be bigger out of the package.
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    I got two as well from K-Mart about a month ago. Ephant Mon IS a very nice figure.
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    I have 2 also he is definately worth the money. He's HUGE and very well designed. I love this figure.
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    Congrats!! I think Mon is one of the Figures of the year if not it's the figure of the year!! True true it weighs a Pound and looks huge standing next to Leia

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    I found mine this past Monday at TRU. I happened to be in the area and decided to go in, not expecting to find anything as usual. Then when I got to the SW section I had that jolt of electricity when I found one. When I came down from the high I saw that they had about five on the racks. Greed started to slip in, the Dark Side was beckoning, I could easily horde them all!!! Bwah ha ha ha!! But, Obi-Wan's voice came into my head and I decided to leave them for other collectors who were in the same position I was when I entered the store. Sure enough, a fellow collector appeared and he too could not believe that he had finally found Ephant Mon. We chatted a little and I felt good that someone else had found the same satisfaction from their hobby. However, I did see him at the register and it looked like he was buying them all. Oh, well.

    I opened mine and I am very happy with him. Definately, my favorite figure from the Saga assortment and one of my favorites of all time. I love all the detail and the way his weapon connects to his cane to form an extended vibro-blade.

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    This feels like the whole Dooku hunt all over again!!!!

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    " You ever dance with the devil by the pale moon light? I ask all my prey, I just like the sound of it"

    " See you around kid "

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    The scalpers must be stocking up on them here because I've seen everything but him so far.....
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