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    Wherever did you find that great background picture?

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    I'm glad you liked the background. I liked it too. Here's the link.
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    Wow! Thanks for the link, I've been looking for pictures like that for dioramas for years.

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    No problem. Always glad to help.
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    I thought it looked really good, too.

    I'm going to set up like 7 scenes myself to take you through the rain fight sequence. The one thing I am concerned about is the back-pack missle launch.

    I'm going to need to use a blast effect to simulate the launching of the rocket off Jango, and then do some switching:

    Jango Kamino Escape is the only Jango that you can remove the missle from, but I'll want to have other Jango's like the Sneak-preview for the stance for a hand-to-hand fight. You have to watch which backpacks will fit which figures - and with the rocket holder empty as it was after he fired it.

    Some of the Jango's have curved backs, others don't - and the backpacks have straight or angled plugs accordingly.

    I think the rain sequence actually works out, but then if you want a relaxed posed Jango, the Final Battle one works best (for like when he first meets up with Zam on Coruscant). But the backpacks must be switched because that figure wears pack #2. The regular Kamino one doesn't work, but the one little Boba is packaged with does. It's a game, but I think it's one you can win since Hasbro provided so many pieces.
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