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    Who cares about the likenesses. Just make all of the Human Charactrs with non-actor's faces. I'll let them put MY likeness on one of them for free and with a BIG smile on my face.

    Everyone will buy the figure and see a big ****-eating "I-got-my-face-on-an-action-figure" grin on the figure.
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    I wish the next Movie Maniacs line would be the "Space Marines" with the main human characters from Aliens. Or just a Hero's line with a lot of different human characters for the lines MCF has created so far.

    I still haven't picked any of the MM6 up yet, as none of the characters in the packaging look as cool as my Alien V Preadeator 2 pack figures. (Honestly I'm just running out of space for everything) I'm not to crazy about the bronze look on all the figues. I'm sure I'll probably pick them up if I ever see them discounted, but right now I'm just looking for the alien queen.

    BTW- My TRU had these figures yesterday, $10.99 each. Since we get everything so late, I imagine most all TRU's have theirs in now. Before that I had only seen them at Gamespot and EB for $11.99.

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    I'm definitely in a bad way and I really think I'm going to miss getting these figures.

    They have them at my KB, but I don't have the cash to get them. I wanted to get them at TRU, as I have these stupid gift cards (!), but no TRU around here has them!
    Even if they did, I'd never know because all TRU's are about 2 hours in any direction from here!

    I've asked in the Buying/Selling threads and I even have it in my sig line, but can anyone help me out? Can someone buy these stupid gift cards off me so I can get these figures at a store that actually has them? Or can I send these cards to someone, have them buy the MM6 figures and send them to me? I'm desperate. Does it show?

    On a lighter note, I did finally get my Sleath Predators, and they're looking nice. I am somewhat afraid of opening one though, as I've been having some problems with figures breaking. And since these are now sold out, it's not like I can get a replacement if it breaks.
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    If McFarlen made these I'd buy them in a New York minute:

    Ripley with Jonesy from Alien 2

    Dallas, Kane and Lambert in their space suites from Alien

    The Space Jockey of course!! from Alien

    Hicks, Vasquez and Hudson from Aliens

    Ripley with Newt from Aliens

    Bishop from Aliens, he should of course come apart at the waste with some great wiring detail

    Ash from Alien whose head should come off, again with some great wiring detail

    Ripley in the "Walker" from Aliens - BOOOYAAAAAA! That would be awesome, I have the Halcyon model but it just wouldn't compare to a McFarlen version.

    Here's to hoping!

    Now about these new ones that came out, the box set ROCKS I will definitely be picking that one up when it comes out as the Alien vs. Predator one is rather a beautiful piece of work too, so I won't expect anything less from the next one.

    I might pick up the Alien 3 Dog Alien but I don't like the one from Resurrection at all, in fact I kind of like to pretend that movie never happened!

    I picked up the Predator warrior for my mom for mother's day, she LOVES the Predator and I'm hoping to find the regular Predator 2 soon, I saw it once but didn't have cash on me so next time it's's the best one of the single figs IMO.

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    I have a set from TRU (I returned the Gamestop set), but I am hoping to get them when (and if) they show up at Target or Wal-Mart (they are SUPPOSED to) for 8 or 9 bucks apiece. Then I will return the TRU ones as well.

    I can hardly believe that Frank-n-Scalper's is the CHEAPEST place I have seen them. That will change soon, though, if it hasn't already.
    My wife treats me like an ATM machine. She pushes my buttons until I give her money.

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    Just found the Aliens queen boxed set at Frank-n-sons for $25. This thing is awesome, the best Alien toy produced yet IMO!

    Funny thing was that another booth was selling them for $40 . That's frank-n-scalp for ya!

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    Originally posted by jpak001

    Funny thing was that another booth was selling them for $40 . That's frank-n-scalp for ya!
    crap sack!!!

    Why am I not surprised at this, LOL

    Frankenscalper's is good for getting comics though!

    Are you going to post pics of your find?
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    Still waiting for the queen to pop up around here. I've seen the single figures just about everywhere so far. And kicking myself in the rear for missing out on the Stealth Predator. Oh well.

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    Man, this thing is so awesome.. I really hope that McFarlane isn't done with Aliens & Predator, this could very well be my all time favorite toy line (at least right now anyways.... ).

    Here's a few pics (sorry about the quality. having a bad picture day....) First up is a comparison shot for size: The alien Queen next to the MM5 Terminator:

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    The Queen is such a great figure. Nice solid, heavy figure that holds it's pose pretty well. The face is a seperate piece from the head, and moves side by side and up/down. The face actually extends downwards and clicks in place (so you can put her in a "looking down" position), really cool!

    Probably my favorite thing about the head is that the teeth are that sort of clear glassy material (just like in the flick). here's a pic with a light behind her to show the clear teeth:
    (pictured with the queen of my household :happy: )
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