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    Awesome, congratulations on your find!!

    Can't wait to see these in U.S. TRU's.....

    btw: how much was it?

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    You found it in a TRU!? Cool. Yeah how much?? You know what would make an awesome 2 pack set? A Yellow Loader and the Queen Alien from Aliens! Man I love that Loader! I wanted a real one so bad when I was a kid.
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    No doubt, the loader two pack is a great idea! Since they're already doing a deluxe Queen, but no Ripley is slated yet, mabye even just Ripley and the loader (they could put real working pistons in it like the T800 too!).

    You never know, considering how hot this line could be, MacFarlane might just do it! ...I hope

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    it was a bit expensive, 45.99 euros (about 45 US$), but remember, that's the european price and regular mcfarlane toys are 15 euros too in tru and that's the cheapest you can find them here...
    but if anyone gets the chance to pick it up, do it, it's really awesome
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  5. #15 posted some more news concerning the MM 6 line:

    - - -

    Inside Scoop On Line With Fresh Info, Pics
    December 27, 2002

    With all the hoopla surrounding some of the changes in 2003's Movie Maniacs 6 lineup, we here at thought we'd share a bit of the latest information and photos of the line.

    We're doing this for you, dearest MM fan, to keep you as far inside the inner circle as we can without actually having to give you a paycheck. (And we really just needed to share these cool photos).

    As many of you know, the lineup for Movie Maniacs 6 - set for an April 2003 release - is based entirely on characters from the Alien and Predator film series. There are four standard clamshell-packed figures and a deluxe boxed set.

    Here is some new information. Keep in mind, much of this is still in the production stage and may change slightly in its final version.

    DOG ALIEN from Alien 3 will feature about 10 points of articulation (plus a bendy tail) and inner jaw play action similar to the Alien figure in the boxed edition of Movie Maniacs 5.

    WARRIOR ALIEN from Alien Resurrection will feature about 12 points of articulation plus a bendy tail.

    PREDATOR THE HUNTER from Predator 2 will feature more than a dozen points of articulation. This figure is helmetless with an open-mouthed face and has a long weapon with telescoping action. Also has forearm-mounted blade action.

    PREDATOR from Predator 2 will have about a dozen points of articulation and a close-mouthed face with removable helmet. It includes a disc weapon, a removable cut-off arm and forearm-mounted blade action.

    The deluxe boxed set for MM6 will be the ALIEN QUEEN from Aliens. This figure will have about 10 points of articulation and a bendy tail. The set includes a custom diorama base. The trapped human figure in the base has chest-burster play action.

    Hope you enjoy the new details and photography of the upcoming series. Stay tuned to for more info as it becomes available.

    - - -

    to see some more pics here's the link and you might want to visit the forum there too to see some more cool pics of the new aliens and predator (and the queen's diorama base)

    now to my opinion, I think this line will seriously rock, and I'll most likely but the whole line, they all just sound and look so sweet, I just can't wait to see some bigger shots of them
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    forget what I said about hoping to see some bigger shots, cause here they are!
    if the woman in the base of the queen is the normal size (7inch) that queen is going to be friggin HUGE!!
    the two aliens don't look that good though IMO, I will probl get them, but they could've been done better
    the two predators are great, I mean removable mask and removable arm on one of them? that is SO cool, just like in the movie
    now I definitly can't wait for them to come out...
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    How sweet is that??????

    Wow!!! I'll probably get the whole line too, but I'm most exited about that Queen (and the Aliens/Predator 2 pack that I haven't found yet)!!!!!

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    Why collect SW when there are such other, great products out there?
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    well OzOtter, I collect both and that works fine for me:happy:
    although money is often a problem when you collect various toylines at the same time...
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    I thought that the hey day of action figures was behind us, but there is so much cool stuff out now, and more coming!

    I was on the brink of chucking it all in, but now I'm not so sure.
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