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    Darn it guys! I'm here. I caved in. I bought my first 2 McFarlane Movie Maniacs figures today: Sarah Conner and the T-101 Endoskeleton. There's no doubt I'm in for the long haul on most Terminator products.

    I also will collect the Alien and Predator lines.

    Please help me out with what Terminator stuff I'm missing.

    I have only MM wave 5, Sarah and Endoskeleton-101.
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    Well, McFarlane is supposedly doing the Terminator 3 Toyline. And there are 3 variants of Sarah Conner. I forget exactly what they are though. I'll see if I can dig the info up. I believe 1 has a hat, 1 has a ponytail, and the 3rd is loose hair.

    Movie Maniacs 4 had the T-800 (Arnold) Terminator and the T-1000 Terminator. The T-800's face is battle damaged, because Arnold wouldn't give them likeness rights for his face. So they made him damaged from later in the flic, to hide the inaccauraate likeness.

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    Thanks JarJar. Actually, I went to McFarlane's website, and saw pictures of everything.

    I only saw 2 Sarah's: hat on, and hat off. I have the hat off version, which is the one I'd want anyway. I'm probably not going to look for the other one, but I'd buy it if I saw it by chance.

    I heard there was a young John Conner figure. Can anyone confirm this (Ed Furlong from T2)?

    He was made with his little motorcycle for a previous Terminator line, but those were not up to this quality level and meant more for playing with only.

    There are 2 versions of the T-1000's:

    Sean Patrick's Officer Friendly blown into one just-wrongly attached "Terminator defeated" from right before he fell into the smelting pit.

    And Officer Friendly with one eye blown through from Sarah's shot-gun barrage, with multiple liquid metal rippling holes from her other shots in his chest. This is the one I'd really want! It looks so good!

    Anyway, my other choice is to save money and room (where do I put these???) and take these figures back to the store where I got them! (TRU) Can't anyone talk some sense into me?

    I was thinking about starting another thread where I asked are they really worth it? Maybe enough people could convince me that after filling my entire living space with Star Wars and Star Trek dioramas, that starting Terminator, Aliens, and Predator would be too much!

    Plus I'm really disappointed that I cannot have an accurate Arnold "Uncle Bob" figure, with very minor battle damage. T2 preferred over the first Terminator for sure. But eventually I'd want Kyle Reese in his trench coat with the shot-gun on a rope, Sarah from the Nightclub, and the T-800 with sunglasses and one red eye

    Meanwhile, what else would I collect?

    Maybe Smallville (though I'm not too impressed with what they've got out). I might be encouraged to collect more if they got better - however, I still might only buy Clark out of the first 3, and I love this show and really love Lana Lang / Kristin Kruek - she's the first one I'd think of if you asked me "if I could have any girl...." - Kristin with no hesitation!

    Young Guns - Billy, Doc, Chavez, Brewer, Murphy, Arkasas Dave, Buckshot Roberts, Pat Garret as the Sherrif, William Poe, Deputy John Bell, Lynch Mob Rider (might be awfully KKK looking...), Lincoln town marshall Bob Olinger, and "Lady Jane."

    Tombstone: Wyatt, Morgan, Virgil, Doc Holiday, Ike Clanton, Billy Clayborne, Billy Brocces, Johnny Ringo, Indian Charlie, Johnny Beehan, and "Josie."

    The Patriot: Benjamin "The Ghost" Martin, the British Colonel (Tavington?), and the rest of the revolutionary warriors and some officers and infantry men of His Majesty's Royal Army.

    The Last of the Mohicans: Basically the main characters: Hawkeye, Corra, Alice, Duncan, Chingachook, Uncas, Magua, Colonel Monroe, the French commander, a Huron Warrior. Maybe a boat from that river chase scene.

    Gettysburg - uh, everyone!

    Indiana Jones - everyone again, done high quality, with vehicles and playsets planned!

    Waterworld - done right, with boats and waverunners, and even that plane and perhaps an Atoll playset and mutant shark! Maybe even the Exon Valdez - the Deacon's command ship playset!

    Miami Vice - fully poseable Sonny and Ricco, with the white Testarossa! No line, just the two cops would be enough.

    Personally, these are the characters I love.

    Anyone else find these interesting? Anyone else think they can stop me from collecting everything external to SW and ST?

    I need help!
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    I'll see if I can find the picture of the three different versions, but I know I remember reading that there was three. This may take a while.

    Yep, Kenner's Terminator 2 line had a John Conner w/ Motorbike. Though the likeness is horrible. The figure goes for a bit of money also, as it's one of the rarer ones. Try Ebay.

    Only 1 version of the T-1000. You get both halves of the body in the package. They are interchangable. So you don't have to buy 2, unless you want to display them both ways.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Jar Jar is right! The three versions are: hat on, hat off w/ponytail, and hat off w/hair down. I managed to find all three (on seperate occasions) at TRU when they were released a few months ago.

    The McFarlane Terminator line is sweet, and looks awesome displayed loose on the shelf with the Alien & Predator 2 pack. The "mutilated Arnie" T-800 looks realy nice when you bust him out and put his sunglasses on & give him his guns!!!

    LOL!! I remember those Kenner terminator, aliens & predator lines. I though they were cool back in those days, but look at them now compared to the McFarlane versions!!! The Kenner Alien queen was pretty sweet though, I was really kicking myself for not getting it. But now that McFarlane is releasing that awesome deluxe version, who needs the old Kenner one!

    Anyways, here's a link to an ebay pic of the "hair down Sarah".
    It's kinda hard to really tell from this pic, but when I put them all together, the long hair version has the best likeness to me. If I knew how to post my own pics, I would show you

    btw: could anyone direct me to a place with directions to post my own pictures? I would totally appreciate it!
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    Looks like there will be an exclusive McFarlane Collector's Club Stealth Predator figure coming down the pipes this month sometime. If anyone's a member and wants to snag an extra one for me, please lemme know. I don't want to have to join a club I'll never use just for the Stealth Predator.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    Now there is another awesome toyline I have to start buying! AvP is a must even though I don't like to collect Mcfarlane because of the repeated posting of figures breaking, the lack of articulation (AvP doesn't look like it has any more articulation than the others...but MAN they look good), and the macabre subject matted (Tortured Souls is really disturbing).

    But AvP has become a must just from looking at the pics.
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    Hey, that exclusive stealth predator reminds me of the mail in Predator they had back when Predators and Aliens were a toy line still.

    Not that I ever played with those toys, or anything, or have all of the predators on display in my bedroom on a dresser in an orgy of predators, skulls, and aliens beaten to the ground because they were the inferior species! Kind of odd McFarlane chooses the same Predator type Kenner did when they made their little "exclusive" predator. Ay, still shed tears of joy when I think of the time I finally got my mitts on that sucker through the mail. The days when I still played with the toys.
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    Yeah, I found it pretty funny also. But it looks damn cool, and wouldn't have done well as a regular released item. So I can understand why they did it as an exclusive. And yeah, JBF... I know what you mean. I think I sent away for about 10 of those babies, cause they were so cool. And also cause I had a ton of POP's at the time the figure was offered.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    I'd help you out with ordering one of these, JJB, but I can't get the stupid form to send my information in to join their free club. I'll try later to see what happens then.
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