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    It's free now? I remeber the McFarlane Collector Club being $15 (or somthing like that) a year and you got access to special prices and that sort of crap. Weird. Oh well, I'd still rather not join if I didn't have to.

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    Yeah, it's free, at least it has been so far, unless they ask for money when I try ordering something. The only stuff they're selling exclusive right now is some bloody variants of toys. That predator is mentioned in their store, though, for April 2003 sell.
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    I remember those old little mail-aways too. They had some neat-o gaudy silver weapons, never ended up scoring one though....

    The McFarlane club used to be a lot easier to deal with back when they charged the fee for it. Now they have INSANE shipping prices. I tried to order a few bags of stands and they wanted like $13 to ship = ouch!

    I do really want one of those predators though, wonder if they've improved the shipping deal?

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    I am member of the fan club (it was free) but I've never ordered anything from them cause the shipping charges for europe are even higher (about 30 US$ ) and there's no way I'm paying that much for it, and besides the cloaked predator isn't that good IMO
    and I don't know how many times I have to say it, but I hate it everytime when I see people saying that mcfarlane figs have no articulation, I can only think of about 10 figs or so that have less articulation than SW figs, most new McF figs have about 10-20 points of articulation!!!
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    187-Maul - A few facts to be pointed out.

    1) Star Wars figures are under-articulated too. Collectors have been complaining about this forever. So that comparison only hurts your argument.

    2) It is true that the better articulated McFarlane figures have as much articulation as the low end Star Wars figures. But the Star Wars line is 3 3/4 " and the McFarlane lines (at leasat the ones I would be interested in collecting) are largely about 6" or 8". That leaves a LOT of room for added articulation.

    3) Although I do realze that more articulation detracts from the sculpt. There is at least one company out there (Toybiz) that is striking a pretty darn good balance.

    4) I'll think of some more later.
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    Besides, articulation isn't always necissary and isn't McFarlane's major problem. Their major problem is shoddy figure quality. It seems that limbs and head snap or just fall off of most of their figure after bearly being touched.

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    I have 69 Mcfarlane figs from all sort of lines and till now only one head has fallen off of one fig (I admit, that sucked), one arm has broken off (although the fig fell down 2 meters so that was a no-brainer) and once the sword blade broke off of one sword, but that also was because the fig fell down about 1 meter, so I don't think the quality is really bad (although the paint sometimes isn't that good but still A LOT better then on a lot of other lines and figs)
    and the average articulation on the new lines is about 15, so I don't think that that is really bad (and the articulation almost never interfers with the sculpt, which still is superior to IMO every other toyline out there), and the max. articulation on a fig is 32 at the moment, on the 10th anniversary Spawn

    so IMO, Mcfarlane is still the BEST toy company out there at the moment
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    I will agree that McFarlane (despite my love of articulation) definitly does the very best jobs of figure sculpting on the market. I am just willing to sacrifice a little likeness for the added articulation. I would like to see ALL manufacturers go with more articulation. I bet McFarlane would still have the best sculpts.
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    I have the Alien and Predator 2-pack, and both figures seem to be very well made. However, other McFarlane figures fall apart on me, and thats just by posing them.
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    I dig that two-pack. Best looking Alien/Predator figures produced yet IMO. In fact, I like those two better than any of the single figs in the next MM asst. They are detailed, and solid. They don't fall apart, but they do fall down (mine won't stand, even w/stands).

    The ALien Queen on the other hand, pics of that thing give me shivers...... I cant wait to see the final product!


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