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    Thumbs up Movie Maniacs VI - All Aliens & Predator!!

    Wow, this is truely welcome news. Many eager fans were hoping McFarlane would do more of the Alien & Predator figures in the future, or even a full A&P line. It appears that McFarlane Toys saw the immense positive reaction to the Deluxe Alien vs. Predator set, and the wants for more.

    So the entire Movie Manacs VI line next year will consist of only Alien and Predator charecters. Can we hope that we'll see a Ripley figure, that actually looks like Sigourney Weaver? Maybe a second version, in the space suit from the end of ALIEN? Hopefully more news will pop up soon.

    Movie Maniacs 6 - Alien and Predator

    Movie Maniacs VI is confirmed -- 100% Alien and Predator.

    Sources close to have confirmed that the next Movie Maniacs Series 6 will be exclusively Alien and Predator characters. Already rumored on the net, the line will most likely be made up of: Queen Alien (Deluxe), Dog Alien (Alien 3), as well as Predator 2 (two versions).

    Our sources indicate that this themed "Montage" of renown film creatures will allow McFarlane a year break from trying to fill out an assortment -- that and totally maximize their Alien/Predator license for the buying figure fan.

    Rumored 2004 Movie Maniacs include possible characters from upcoming films like "Freddy vs. Jason", "Jeepers Creepers"... maybe even "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"; the latter which has been re-envisioned for a new feature film directed by Marcus Nispel.

    More on this Movie Maniacs line as it develops.

    This info was posted at both and Hopefully they sell well, and McFarlane decides to persue a full A&P toy line. I know that I would welcome it, as I enjoyed collecting the Kenner line.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.


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