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    Thumbs up Movie Maniacs VI - All Aliens & Predator!!

    Wow, this is truely welcome news. Many eager fans were hoping McFarlane would do more of the Alien & Predator figures in the future, or even a full A&P line. It appears that McFarlane Toys saw the immense positive reaction to the Deluxe Alien vs. Predator set, and the wants for more.

    So the entire Movie Manacs VI line next year will consist of only Alien and Predator charecters. Can we hope that we'll see a Ripley figure, that actually looks like Sigourney Weaver? Maybe a second version, in the space suit from the end of ALIEN? Hopefully more news will pop up soon.

    Movie Maniacs 6 - Alien and Predator

    Movie Maniacs VI is confirmed -- 100% Alien and Predator.

    Sources close to have confirmed that the next Movie Maniacs Series 6 will be exclusively Alien and Predator characters. Already rumored on the net, the line will most likely be made up of: Queen Alien (Deluxe), Dog Alien (Alien 3), as well as Predator 2 (two versions).

    Our sources indicate that this themed "Montage" of renown film creatures will allow McFarlane a year break from trying to fill out an assortment -- that and totally maximize their Alien/Predator license for the buying figure fan.

    Rumored 2004 Movie Maniacs include possible characters from upcoming films like "Freddy vs. Jason", "Jeepers Creepers"... maybe even "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"; the latter which has been re-envisioned for a new feature film directed by Marcus Nispel.

    More on this Movie Maniacs line as it develops.

    This info was posted at both and Hopefully they sell well, and McFarlane decides to persue a full A&P toy line. I know that I would welcome it, as I enjoyed collecting the Kenner line.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    I am beyond estatic about this.

    Just to tell a mini story, when I was down at the Mcfaralane booth during this year's SDCC, I was foaming at the mouth when I first saw the two-up for the alien v. predator set. I then immediately walked over to a Mcfarlane rep named Steve, and told him that fans would really want to buy a full Alien or Predator line if they all looked as good as that set. To which, he kinda looked from side to side and then wispered to me that more are probably coming. I was excited to hear that, but until it happens, my motto is: STUFF happens, as plans do change in the toy industry.

    Glad to see this is becoming a reality.

    Wow, am I excited!

    Now all I need is for the Mcfarlane group to get the Terminator 3 license, and all will be right with this industry. After I saw their original Arnie Terminator 2 up last year (or was that two years ago now?), I pretty much cared about nothing else in the collecting world for awhile after that. The greatest toy that almost (never) happened!

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    My, my, my! This is certainly good news! I have already had a lot of people tell me that they are very much looking forward to the Aliens vs. Predator two pack (including myself) and this will be music to their ears! I have been trying to track down an Kenner Alien Queen Hive playset on the cheap for a number of years. I believe that now I will just hold out for the undoubtedly much better looking McFarlane deluxe figure.
    Many have complained over the years about the articulation and quality (of plastic) in McFarlane figures. I frankly look at it this way, they are not so much toys (in the traditional sense) as inexpensive statues. For the most part, especially in the case of the Movie Maniacs line, the level of detail and the posing makes the figures rather self-limiting in their ability to be "action figures". But for those who collect because the figures are great representations of thier favorite characters from film or comics (or even the imaginations of McFarlane designers) they are a positive boon! A friend of mine recently found Lord of Darkness for me at a TRU (I refused to pay Suncoast prices) it is incredible. I like the way they made the hilt of the sword, very clever. I am going to pick up a Terminator endoskeleton soon as I have heard that it has working pistons which slot up into thier sheaths when the legs and arms are moved! Neeless to say I cannot wait for Aliens and Predator (though I am not terribly familiar with the Predator films, personally).
    On a final note, does anyone out there remember McFarlane Toys' bait-and-switch cruel joke from Toy Fair a few years back? South Park! They featured South Park figures (supposedly with sound chips) at Toy Fair which were featured in major toy magazines at the time. I couldn't wait! The much time passed and people started asking questions. It turned out that McFarlane was in fact NOT coming out with South Park figures. In fact they COULD NOT come out with South Park figures. At the time of that years Toy Fair, they did not even have a license agreement in place, much less any real preproduction! It was just something that they would like to have done and made mock-ups to show that off I suppose. What a cruel joke! (Much like those things in Toy Fare magazine with their Wish List figure choices that make you think something cool is coming down the pike if you don't have your wits about you and discover that the toys shown are just thier own creations!)
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    JediCole, if you can locate a Kenner Queen Hive Playset, do it. The Queen figure in that set is a pure work of art. I bought mine the first and only time I saw it at TRU when the line was new. The Queen is remarkable, frankly the best figure of the entire series. Totally movie accurate, right down to her high heeled feet.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    that is really great news, there have been a lot of requests in the mcfarlaneguide forums for a deluxe boxed alien queen, glad that it's becoming true
    now for thr rest of the line, I hope we will get a corp. Hicks too, I want him more then I want a Ripley
    I can't wait for the new MM line!!!
    Until The End Of Time...
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    According to, Tomart's #105 confirms the news that Movie Maniacs VI will consist of all Aliens and Predator figures. Now, the torturous wait for 4th quarter 2003.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Here's the official details on these:
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    Seriously, This is like a dream come true for many of us!!

    Kinda strange that there's only 4 figures listed as the official lineup. I bet they'll include a Ripley. I mean, they did 3 variations of Sarah Conner right? At least give us one good Ripley (hopefully the Aliens 2 version).

    What I really hope for are 18 inch Alien and Predator !!!
    Now that would be awesome!!!!

    BTW: anyone find the Alien VS Predator boxed set yet ?? I really want one of those bad boys!

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    I don't know if we'll see Ripley, though it would be nice. It's probably another case of license rights, and Sigourney Weaver wanted way to much. An Alien 2 Ripley, or Ripley from the first film in the space suit would be cool.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    I'm even more looking forward to this line, since I fonally found the AvP deluxe boxed set today at tru !
    this set is so cool, the alien is really big, you can see his skull throuhg his head, and he has a spring activated "tongue" (if you can call it that )
    the predator is my favorite from the set, he looks absolutely like in the movie, his detail is so cool, the claw on the right arm is extendable, the data thing on his left arm can be opened up, the gun on his left shoulder can pivot up and down and his "trophy-chain" can be removed
    the display base is very cool too, every one of the three eggs can be opened up to reveal a removable very cool facehugger
    two of the three eggs has a light inside which looks really cool in the dark
    overall definitely worth a 10 out of 10 if you ask me, a VERY COOL set
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