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    I'm working on trying to get all of the bounties in the game right now. After that is done, there's not much more replay value to the game. The game would frustrate me in some parts, but then I remembered the trusting flame thrower, and I felt so much better. As for the repetitive game play, yeah it is repetitive. It is basically shoot and dodge. Very linear game play too, so there's hardly any exploration. I didn't feel cheated by the cost of the game, though I did use a target gift card to know $20 off of the price. If you enjoy pressing the same button repeatedly and dodging shots, you'll love it. If you want some puzzles and deep thinking, stay away. This is one of those games that bases success on how fast you can press a single button repeatedly.
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    Did anyone check out the "outtakes" where Jango is doing the butt-shaking dance for Gardulla? Hilarious.

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    I liked the out takes at first, but as I got more and more of them, I began to not enjoy them, since a lot of them involved Montross acting like an idiot.
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