For once Blockbuster has it's act together and is getting some good games. So, I strolled in there last night, and Bounty Hunter was sitting on their shelves. I nabbed me one and off home I went. I'm about two hours into it or so and it's pretty good. Jango's moves are pretty slick. Whether it be his tumbling roll, flips in mid-air, or double-gunning with his blasters, it's all smooth. The game has a pretty good story as opposed to previous Star Wars releases. Jango's arsenal ain't too bad either. You normally start off with his pistols, some posion darts, jetpack, scanner (which is VERY cool), flamthrower and his cable. Later on you can pick up grenades, numerous guns, and the ability to launch rockets out of his jetpack. The sound effects and score to the game are above-par also. My only complaint so far, is that some levels are very redundant sometimes, and that the constant blasting can get boring too. The game does get quite difficult. There's a good amount of bonuses too. Either collecting the bonus icons, beating levels, beating chapters, or bringing in bonus bounties will add new bonuses (which can be a comic, TCG cards, concept art, or outtakes) to the section on the main screen. So far, I cannot say if this game is a definite buy for a gamer (Star Wars fans will definally wanna own it), but it is an absolute rental. Happy turkey day!