Thursday the 28th of November 2002:

Since I once again had trouble sleeping I got up at around 2 AM and watched TV and some movies on cable but eventually I got bored with that so I deciced to finish off the Imperial Star Destroyer by building the tower and command bridge area so at 7.30 AM I got started.

The construction of the tower and command bridge area was pretty straight forward but building the detail parts that goes on the sides are time consuming and somewhat boring as it’s repeted building and I also managed to find another but smaller error in the instructions.

The error is as follows:

Step 14, page 161.

On the parts needed picture on the upper left corner it’s shown that you need a blue, part# 4274, Technic Pin ˝ but you aren’t told how many of them you need but on the progress picture all 22 of them that you actually need are being shown already attached and in place.

Yes guys, I’ve done my home work this time around.

Then it was time to build the “Rebel Blockade Runner” that are included in the set and it’s a very nice addition especially if you built the “Ultimate Collector Series” one and know about it’s “real life” size as it really shows how gigantic a “real life” Star Destroyer would be.

The last thing to do was to build the display sign for the set but I didn’t add the sticker as I’m thinking of designing a completely new stand for the Imperial Star Destroyer as the double stand is the weakest and most poorly designed part of this entire set and it doesn’t look good.

After 7 hours at 2.30 PM I was finally finished building the Imperial Star Destroyer.

File closed.

End transmission, Thursday the 28th of November 2002.

Stay tuned for a full review of the 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer set.

Kindest regards,

Lars “Sweden” Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.